Andreas Broeckmann on 13 Sep 2001 10:35:38 -0000

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[rohrpost] [RRE]attack

>From: Phil Agre <>
>To: "Red Rock Eater News Service" <>
>Subject: [RRE]attack


>I have started getting irrational and abusive e-mail by people ranting
>for war against "ragheads", impervious to the concept that Islam is
>not our enemy, even if it turns out that some particular Muslims were
>responsible for the attacks.  I doubt if these people were born like
>that.  The currently fashionable political jargon has been eroding
>rationality for years now, and if we descend into a spiral of hatred
>and authoritarianism then we should not be surprised.  All sorts of
>agendas lie below the surface of any society, waiting for opportunities
>to come out.  Lots of them will probably surface now.  We need to
>preserve our capacity for reason, or we will make the problem worse.
>I do not oppose war in general, and I can even imagine this being a
>reason for war.  But people who promote war in ways that do not make
>logical sense are just as dangerous than any reason for war that we
>could possibly have.

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