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Re: [rohrpost]rmx_invitation ONE CAGE IS ENOUGH

Dear remixer,
for 16 years the RUINE DER KUENSTE BERLIN -A private space for material and
immaterial arts- (printed on an outside sign since 1985) has been open to
site- or context-specific arts of any kind (..der Kuenste..). We
appreciated, and continue to do so,  private initiatives of artists with all
media and by use of all senses, including the social one. But we have our
sincere doubts, if your CALL FOR ARTISTS  is
a) reasonable.
If it is reasonable,
to interfere into the working processes of artists from outside at all , and
specifically by  proposing a method to them, in this case the method of
collaging, an artistic method of a certain attitude of consuming the world,
using other peoples' ideas and works, a method bourgouise people think of
first, when they think of art, to be frank, a very primitive way of
perceiving the world: collaging too often means accepting, what there is and
then constituting relations between the given, in order to kind of 'repair'
a view. This is a rational business, but in very few cases art. We do not
say, non-artists have no right to propose possible ways of art to artists,
but we just want to give out a warning, that it has been desastrous too many
times, if  theoreticians 'felt the power' to create styles (Lawrence Alloway
1965: Systemic Painting; Stockholm 1968: Poetry can be done by
anybody...).Artists have either used your proposed method before or do it
anyway someday or won't. And have their reasons. They do not need a public
stimulation. (We have been talking here about responsible, profound artists,
not about the masses of  happy-to-be-artists, in case you misunderstood us)
b) not just another game, for our game- and copy-society, 'ein
Gesellschaftsspiel', has no philosophy in the back.

Nevertheless, the outcome of the participation project may still be
something to listen to, but that does not mean, the input method was so
glorious; we know of a number of artists who anyhow already have sampled
(the fancy word for collaging) found sounds, one of them was nobody else
than the father of all that: John Cage. One John Cage is enough to open
millions of ears and minds.
(By the way, we have not overread that your 'new' aspect seems the feedback
influence on artists music production by the net etc., and we have included
this into our arguments, while not answereed directly to that. Don't you
think it is maneristic to re-re-re-reuse art sounds and to work with
influence on influence on influence..)

Good luck
Wolf Kahlen

if u would like to join please send one sample of what u think represents ur
work and a short text on how u work and what u think the internet (or other
networks) have influenced you in the way of composing music.

after the entries have been send back the samples will be put online for the
participants to download and to create a new muscial composition from these
samples  --> exchange of data/networking composition.

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