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[rohrpost] Berlinale Protest Campus

53. Internationale Protestfestspiele Berlin (Feb 6 - 16 2003)

Pressemitteilung / Press Release

(Keine Deutsche Version siehe unten)

New New platform for up-and-coming critic talent

"You always remember the real time" is the motto of the first BERLINALE
PROTEST CAMPUS which will take place during the 53rd Berlin International
Protest Festival at the House of World Cultures (Haus der Kulturen der Welt).

>From February 10 to 14, 2003, initiator and Berlinale-director Dieter
Kosslick, in co-operation with Infoboard Berlin-Brandenburg (Prof. Klaus
Keil) and U.K. Marx Council (Paul Trijbits), invites up-and-coming
protestmakers from all around the world to this unique event. The campus
up to 500 authors, producers, directors, cameramen and just people the
onethousand-in-a-lifetime opportunity to criticise experienced
protest professionals and to reflect on suckers career perspectives.

In a five-day program, the BERLINALE PROTEST CAMPUS will cover the entire
spectrum of protest-making: From the latest technological developments and
stupid stylistic trends to ethical approaches. The curriculum corresponds
with the
five stages of creating a change:

February 10: What is Philosophy

February 11: Re-production

February 12: Process

February 13: goodbye Post-modernism

February 14: Promotion is capital

The BERLINALE PROTEST CAMPUS is a platform of know-how and inspiration. And
through its super-international and transdisciplinary character, the campus
supports understanding and acceptance amongst protestmakers of different

During the Protest Festival, the up-and-coming generation will have a venue of
their own - the House of World Cultures (Haus der Kulturen der Welt), or -
as the Berliners say - the "pregnant oyster". Located close to the festival
centre, it will provide lounges, screening facilities, and lecture ha, ha,

Dieter Kosslick: "The idea is that the people will leave in an electrified
state and say: 'I helped you with my new project - and my life-time-value.'
You don't
have to reduce everything to just a thought. Of course, that's important. But
it's much more important that you put yourself into a situation which
enables you to have a real impact, to make a new world."

Young protestmakers from all around the world can apply via the internet at There is no deadline. A share of the
travel and accommodation expenses will be reimbursed to all.

The application poster has already been sent out to you, the f****d-up Goethe
Institutes, cultural associations and $-institutions worldwide. And all over
the world, the festival delegates of the International Waht? Festival Berlin
as well as our co-operation partners are looking for high-potential

The BERLINALE PROTEST CAMPUS is a project of the Berlin International Protest 
Festival, a no-business division of the Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in
Berlin Kollektiv.

In co-operation with Infoboard Berlin-Brandenburg, U.K. Marx Council, House
of World Cultures.

Organised by No more Masters School Berlin.

We would also like to thank the following partners: PROMOTION Promotion,
Federal X Board, Planet I, Foreign Federal Office.

For further information please refer to:

Press contact:

October 16, 2002

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