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[rohrpost] <raum3> elektronischer einschub presented by diana mc carthy

  kino raum 3 -- ziegelstrasse 20 -- 10119 berlin -- http://bootlab.org/raum3/
b0timati0n <<  GEEK OPERA  >> live << mit Amy Alexander >>

Die uebergeek diva presents her new funky electronic search engine rap in
einen spezial preview an:

 -->>> 20:30
            -->>> Bootlab
                            -->>>  Ziegelstr 20
                                                  -->>> 10.17.02
                                                                     --->>> Frei Entritt

Programmers used to be nerds - now they're cool. Uebergeek wanted to be a
rock star - but she couldn't play an instrument. Now it doesn't matter:
Uebergeek can program...

No longer is Uebergeek hopelessly lost in the world of pop culture: pop
culture has gone geeky - from the clerical performances of laptop techno to
feature films you can view without leaving the comfort of your desk. Work is
now leisure, and leisure is work. Coffeehouse culture is lattes and laptops.
And at the center of this new culture is the search engine; it's not just
the TV Guide of the internet anymore - it's the MTV. Except that MTV is now
RealityTV. Well anyway....

Uebergeek is The Live Internet VJ for the Geek Age. Armed with air mouse,
vintage Mattel Power Glove, and swanky clothes, Uebergeek (Amy Alexander)
performs a search engine. She inputs a search term to the b0timati0n
software, and search engine results interactively animate in psychedelic
colors and patterns ranging from Fischinger to Pong. Hyperactive Uebergeek
conducts the swirling text with trusty Power Glove and air mouse, and the
music's got a good beat you can dance to. Aestheticization of data taken to
the ridiculous extreme, but also data visualization in reverse; the
"literary voice" of internet text content is brought center stage rather
than aggregating it into abstraction. Search for "love" and find out where
you can download the appropriate utilities. Search for "peace" and choose
from the neatly-packaged offerings of a variety of institutions. Search on
"we are here to protect you" and see who responds... Now you have some
wicked raw footage, let the eye candy begin....

Livestream:   www.klubradio.de/b0timati0n.ram
Mehrs info:    www.b0timati0n.org/
hosted by:     www.bootlab.org

And stay tuned for a radio teaser on:
 92.6 Berlin-Kabel Mittwoch << 16.10.02 >> <<23.00>>
www.okb.de  mit twen.fm

danke an:      www.transmediale.de

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