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[rohrpost] Global Buy Nothing Day Culture Jam 29th/30th Nov by

Call Out to UK Culture Jammers
X-Heads by Fanclub
please forward to interested parties.
10-15 individuals required for the X-Heads head
shaving culture jam on surveillance culture. Full info
of piece plus images at .  The making of
the short will also be filmed by documentary crew and
shown on Channel 4 prime time before Christmas. The
theme of the documentary is  Christmas anarchy and how
politically conscious work can take place without any
funding due to its sensitive nature. Filming will take
place in central London. Males and females of all ages
suitable, interest in subject matter more important
than experience.  A rehearsal plus 1-2 day's filming,
probably around 30th of November.  Schedule is very
tight so if interested please contact a.s.a.p.
Philip ++44 (0)7765801732

Global Buy Nothing Day Culture Jam 29th/30th Nov by


  Does Consumerism make you sick?

We are calling out for immediate participants in a
global mass attack against the feeders of our consumer
culture. For far too long shops and advertising
agencies have been force feeding us with their
products and information.  We’ve been hearing, seeing,
drinking, and eating what they’ve been producing and
we can’t swallow another bite.

On Buy Nothing Day pseudo-consumers in areas reeking
of consumerism will vomit within short increments of
each other in a subversively innocent and unrelated
way. They will burst out of shops puking at their
entrances, puke over ATMs, retching in front of ads,
throw up over product displays, vomit from shopping
mall balconies, heave in queues. Consume a product and
puke it.

Vomiting can be induced by pure disgust to our present
world situation or with a bit of help from:
Emetics like Ipecac, a natural root extract of a plant
grown in Brazil that comes in capsule form. One of its
main uses is to induce vomiting in children when they
have swallowed household chemicals or poisons, with
vomiting occurring within 20 minutes. Please read the
emetic's info before use.
Salt water.
Plain and simple pig out.

Looking for individuals or groups that are interested
in carrying it out in locations around the world. The
actions will be covertly recorded, edited into a short
and featured on national TV under the theme Xmas
Anarchy. Images and reports will be posted on the web
after the event. Please forward this email to
interested parties.

Puking might not be pleasant but neither is our
current consumer society. Return your consumption.

For plans, images

Looking forward to hearing from you.

throws up consumerism


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