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[rohrpost] Global Plunder All Day Culture Jam 29th/30th Nov by

Global Plunder All Day Culture Jam 29th/30th Nov by


   The Moneysystem does make you sick!

We are calling out for immediate participants in a
global mass attack for the false analysis of the
so called "consumer culture". For far too long Nice Guys
and attac agencies have been force feeding us with their
products and information. We’ve been hearing, seeing,
drinking, and eating what they’ve been producing and
we can’t swallow another bite.

On Plunder All Day pseudo-critics in areas suck for
consumerism as the goal of attack while they mean it
to start a sustainable "Blah!" Why not get it all instead
of playing the game of power of consumers? Subversion is
not to consume or not not, it is not to stop lust or desire.
It is the opposite, baby! You think you are innocent and 
unrelated? Well, they will burst you out of their shops 
calling the reality force. It is plain and simple.

First clean your head, before you vomit what you want and
need. Therefore no pill from Argentina will help you out,
not in a capsule form, not in a nutshell. A consumer will
remain a consumer in this logic.

Looking for individuals or groups that are interested
in carrying it out in locations around the world. The
actions will be recorded by camera suveillance, edited
into a long long on non-national TV under the theme Stupid
Anarchy. Images and reports will be posted on the web
after the event. And it will be just an event. 
Please forward this email to the party in the 

Thinking might not be pleasant but neither is our
current consumerism-consumer society. Higher your consumption.

For plans, images

Looking forward to reading from you.

throws up "consumerism"


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* No native speaker! 

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