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[rohrpost] Petition: Reclaim the Public Domain

Larry Lessig hatte gestern Geburtstag und hat sich gewünscht, dass 
wir die Petition für einen Public Domain Enhancement Act 

Im Zentrum steht folgender Vorschlag:

One solution in particular that we ask Congress to consider is the 
Public Domain Enhancement Act. See http://eldred.cc  This statute 
would require American copyright owners to pay a very low fee (for 
example, $1) fifty years after a copyrighted work was published. If 
the owner pays the fee, the copyright will continue for whatever 
duration Congress sets. But if the copyright is not worth even $1 to 
the owner, then we believe the work should pass into the public 

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It is my birthday and I have a favor to ask.

If you are permitted -- by law or conscience -- to sign a petition, I'd be
grateful if you would look at:


This cause has taken 4 years of my life. I would be extremely happy if you
could consider signing it to help us push it along a bit more. If you're a
supporter, I'd be even more grateful if you could pester others to sign as
well. And if you're not, or can't, or don't know who I am, then sorry for
the intrusion. 

Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, CA  94305-8610
650.736.0999 (vx)
650.723.8440 (fx)

    Ass't: <laura.lynch@stanford.edu>

    Help reclaim the Public Domain: Please sign this petition:

    How else can you help? Check out:

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