Andreas Broeckmann on Sat, 2 Mar 1996 00:31:47 +0100

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V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02-2

(V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02-2)

* WRO, Monitor Polski 96, Wroclaw, Poland
2 - 5 May 1996
Polish new media art presentation, video art, installations, performances,
live-broadcast events, seminars.
"A unique opportunity for the organisers and curators of international art
events and institutions to become acquainted with the broadest nation-wide
presentation of Polish contemporary media art."
Open Studio/WRO, Piotr Krajewski
PO Box 1385, PL-54-137 Wroclaw 16, tel/fax +48-71-448369

* 5Cyberconf: 5th international conference on Cyberspace, Madrid, Spain
6 - 9 June 1996
A large forum for the presentation and discussion of the 'state of the arts'