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V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02-3

(V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02-3)

* Other Institutions and Initiatives *

* Tallinn Summer Academy
The E-media centre of the Tallinn Art University (Estonia), and SCAN, an
education, research and production centre for new media in Groningen (The
Netherlands) are investigating the possibility to organise a summer academy
in Tallinn in 1996 in the field of digital media. The aim is to educate the
media-educators out of Estonia and the Baltic Region, who can then transfer
the skills and knowledge acquired locally. Furthermore, the possibilities
will be investigated to develop this educational co-operation in the future
on a more substantial and structural basis. These activities are a
follow-up to the successful 'Interstanding' conference on networking and
interactivity, which they jointly organised in Tallinn, November 23-25,
E-media centre Tallinn Art University: Ando Keskküla, e-mail:
SCAN: Eric Kluitenberg, e-mail:

* SCAN International Training Program
SCAN, an education, research and production centre for new media in
Groningen (The Netherlands) regularly offers an intensive full-time
training program of 4,5 months in digital media for designers, artists and
media professionals. The current edition has been funded by the Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If this is again possible in the future is not
yet clear. If you want more information please contact the head of the ITP
Dr. Johan Faber,
Hoendiepskade 23a
9718 BG Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel. ++31-50-313 83 43
Fax. ++31-50-313 82 42

*Gallery 21, St. Petersburg
"A special experimental place for art . We are dealing with video,
performances, net-art, installations, and multydisciplinary projects. Every
direction of our work is headed by famous St.Petersburg curators: Alla
Mitrofanova, Dima Pilikin, Timur Novikov, Andrej Khlobistin.
Our activity is divided in 5 areas
1. Representation of Experimental Petersburg art
2. Popularization of Experimental Russian art
3. Popularization of  Contemporary art from USA and Europe.
4. Realization of non-profit international projects.
5. Workshops and seminars for Petersburg artists and theoreticians on the
items of New Media Art and Internet-art first of all.
On the base of the Gallery 21 was founded TECHNO-ART-CENTER, an
organization dealing with  contemporary media-art and new-technologies art.
TAC now is the leader of New Internet art in St.Petersburg.
Gallery 21 is supported by Soros Foundation/USA, Free Culture Foundation/Russia.
GALLERY 21, director: IRINA  AKTUGANOVA, technical director: SERGE  BUSOV
tel.812/164-65-27, fax.812/164-52-07
e-mail: <>

These are some of the forthcoming activities planned by G21:

- 15 - 20 March1996
International Workshop on Web design for St.Petersburg media-artists in MUU
Organizers: Andy Best, Mark Tapio, Alla Mitrofanova, Kostia Mitenev
With the suppot by SCCA(St.Petersburg)
We would like to invite everybody to take part in teleconferences on 18 and
Contact by 13.03.96: (Alla Mitrofanova) (Andy Best)

- August/September1996
First International Websites Festival.
Includes Competition and Conference (net-criticism/web-art)
Organizers:Gallery 21,TAC.
Information and registration from 15.04.96 till 15.08.96
by e-mail:,

- 3.10.1996 - 10.10.96
IV St.Petersburg Biennale EAST EUROPA: "SPATIA NOVA"(New Space")
Includes the international Programm ELECTRONIC PAGE - representation of New
Media art. We would like to invite media artists dealing with new spaces of
Internet first of all.
Organizers of ELECTRONIC PAGE: Gallery21, curator Irina Aktuganova.
Organizers of Biennale: "Art Collegium"agency.
Deadline 1.05.1996, fax:812/164-52-07

*CREES Toronto
For: Research, M.A. programme, visiting scholars, student internships,
grants for research and study, conferences, seminars and library
contact: Karin B. Leppik Program officer
tel. 1-416-978-2304     fax 1-416-978-3817
Centre for Russian& East European Studies
(CREES) University of Toronto, Robarts Library
130 St. George St. Rm 14335
Tornto, Ontario M5S 1A5, Canada

* SHERA - Society of Historians of East European and Russian Art and
Architecture has a wide membership across North America. The Bulletin
contains info on seminars, exhibitions lectures and conferences, calls for
papers, submissions, grants and a bibliography.
For information  direct all correspondence to
Karen Kettering, SHERA, University of Dayton, Department of Visual Arts,
300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-1690 USA, fax 513-229-4000


*Siberian Deal wins Prize at Videofest Berlin 96
Kathy Rae Huffman and Eva Wohlgemuth have won the Multimedia Prize of the
1996 Videofest Berlin with their communication and cultural exchange
project "Siberian Deal" which involved travelling to Siberia, meeting real
people who had been contacted through a wide network of e-mail and friends,
bartering Western goods and objects for Siberian ones, and collecting
stories and images. The narrative of the trip could be followed even while
the two were travelling last October, because the web-pages were being
updated with scanned photographs and stories sent directly from Siberia.
Later, further still images, videos, sound files, and texts were added and
can now be looked at on:
<> or <>

*Ars Electronica Center on the Web
<> writes:
"We are proud to announce the attachment of our WWW-server to the Net. We
will connect on March 1, 12:00 MET - .
Our site will provide information about the last 15 and future years of the
Ars Electronica Festival, about ongoing activities concerning the Ars
Electronica Center and some more."

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To subscribe, please, send a message to <> with the
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Oliver Frommel <> is currently "list-owner" of the
syndicate-list at the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz. For more information
about the Syndicate, please, contact <> (Andreas Broeckmann).

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