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V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02-2

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02-2 (sorry, another retry)

* Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
2 - 6 September 1996
Theme: Memesis - The Future of Evolution
Format: Exhibition, symposia accompanied by concerts, events and special
art projects which make use of the possibilities of new technologies.
"Memesis" is concerned with "interactivity" as a key cultural technique,
and adresses the question of the evolutionary "fitness" of "memes" - that
is, the cognitive behavioural patterns which are propagated via
communication, and which find what amounts to an ideal environment in the
electronic media. (coincides with opening of the new Ars Electronica
Possibilities for participation: Prix Ars Electronica, international
competition in the area of digital media, Categories: world wide web,
interactive art, computer animation, computer music. Total prize money:
approx. US$ 122,600.
Deadline: 30 April 1996.
Organising institution: Ars Electronica Center and Austrian Broadcasting
Company ORF
Contact address and source of further information:
AEC, Hauptstrasse 2, A-4040 Linz
e-mail <>

* 10th Freiburg Film-Video-Forum / Passagen, Germany
4 - 8 September 1996
Festival and discussion forum for new film and video productions. This
year's theme is "Across Borders".
Deadline: 1 June 1996
Further info:
freiburger film-video-forum
Urachstr.40, D-79102 Freiburg, tel.+49-761-709594 / fax.-706921

* Cluster Images, Werkleitz, Germany
5 -9 September 1996
Exhibition in the field of film/video, visual arts, performance, new
media/digital images.
"Cluster Images is an attempt to show that clusters, when used in art, may
be of significance, beyond aesthetic indifference, in terms of
differentiation and structure for parallels between networked images. This
could spawn the discovery of a new reference space for such forms of
expression as installation, performance, multimedia construction and
virtual images: a space of social networking. Cluster Images can thus be
seen as an attempt to avoid the vagueness of unrelated snippets of
information in order to turn areas and fields into bundles of information,
where the history of the images can be conveyed and their present form can
be discussed. They would no longer be axiomatic but discursive and prone to
Deadline for applications: 20 April 1996.
further info:
Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V., Centre for artistic visual media Saxony-Anhalt
Ziegelei 3, D-39249 Werkleitz
tel.+49-39298-27225 / fax.-27184
e-mail <>

* EMAF - European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany
11 - 15 Sept. 1996
"We would like to warmly invite you to send in your contributions to the
8th European Media Arts Festival. New, experimental and artistically
innovative productions from the world of film, video, performance,
installation, multimedia and Internet will be presented and placed in
As a novum in the international film landscape EMAF and the International
Film, Video and Multimedia Festival VIPER, Lucerne, Switzerland (18 - 27
Oct. 1996) jointly organise a competition for visually innovative film and
video productions. Submissions for the joint competition (several prizes)
should be sent to Osnabrueck."
Deadline: 18 May 1996
Further Info:
EMAF, Hasestr.71, Postfach1861, D-49008 Osnabrueck
tel.+49-541-21658 / fax -28327
<>, e-mail <>

* Dutch Electronic Art Festival DEAF 96, Rotterdam/NL
16 - 20 September 1996
International, curated exhibition of installations, CD ROM, WWW sites;
symposium, workshops, performances, party events, special projects in the
Rotterdam Harbour Simulator and in public spaces in Rotterdam under the
theme of "Digital Territories: Non-located online". Organised to coincide
with the annual Rotterdam Festival, R96: "Media Man", and with this year's
ISEA conference.
Further information:
V2_Organisation, Eendrachtsstr.10, NL-3012 XL Rotterdam
tel.+31-10-4046427 / fax.-4128562
e-mail <>

* Inter-Society for Electronic Arts, ISEA, 7th Annual Conference, Rotterdam/NL
16 - 20 September 1996
An academic symposium with a host of panel and workshop sessions,
accompanied by concerts, performances, an exhibition, and public events.
Deadline for symosium panels and other contributions was 1 February.
Further information:
ISEA96, POB 8656, NL-3009 AR Rotterdam, tel/fax+31-10-4778605
e-mail <>

* Metaforum 3, Budapest, Hungary
11 - 13 October 1996
Metaforum III:  Under Construction (the first Hungarian content festival)
is organized by the Media Reseach Foundation, in collaboration with the
Budapest Autumn Festival and the Intermedia department of the Hungarian
fine art academy and will be held on October 11th, 12th, and 13th at
the hungarian academy of fine arts.
Contact: Diana McCarty (, Janos Sugar
(, Geert Lovink (

* WSCG'97 The Fifth International Conference in Central Europe on Computer
Graphics and Visualization 97, Plzen, Czech Republic
10 - 14 February 1997
in cooperation with IFIP working group 5.10 on Computer Graphics and
Virtual Worlds.
Info on previous WSCG92-96 you can find at
Contribution deadline: October 30, 1996
Contact: Vaclav Skala, Computer Sci.Dept., Univ.of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 22, Box 314, Plzen, Czech Republic
e-mail: <>   Subj: INFO

*WRO 97, 6th International Sound Basis Visual Art Festival
"Sound and visual installations, CD ROM, Internet, Cyberspace, live
broadcasts, mixed media performances - proposals and projects welcome.
The international competition for video art and computer animation open to
works in which the sound is equal to the image in order to create an
artistic form."
Entry regulations available from autumn 1996.
Open Studio/WRO
PO Box 1385, PL-54-137 Wroclaw 16
tel/fax +48-71-448369

*Medienbiennale Leipzig 1997
June 1997
Exhibition, conference (themes still to be defined).
In June 1997 the 3rd Medienbiennale will take place in Leipzig (Germany).
The previous exhibitions took place in the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig
(1992) and in the industrial bulding complex of the former textile factory
VEB Buntgarnwerke (1994). In 1994 under the concept of "Minima Media"
(written by Dieter Daniels) the Medienbiennale brought together works by 75
international artists. "The show placed work by newcomers alongside that of
internationally recognized artists, juxtaposed historical key positions
with modern telecommunications projects, brought together artists from East
and West. Media art was understood to embrace a wide range of technical
categories: video, film, audio, interaction, CD-ROM, Internet.
Performances, events and installations in public spaces around Leipzig
expanded the dimensions of the project."
-possibilities for participating / calls / deadlines to be announced
-organising institution: Medienbiennale Leipzig e. V.
-contact Inke Arns:

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