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Syndicate: AT HOME ABROAD, Tabor/Cz


An Arts Festival of Cross-national Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Reflections on Adopted Cultures from Im/E/Migrants, Refugees,
Extra-legal and Resident Aliens, and Others making their Homes on
Foreign Soil

Cultural Exchange Station in T�¡bor, Czech Republic
August 20-24, 1999

As world borders grow, change or disappear, the results are evident in
movement: here to there, near to far, inside to outside. This is not a
new occurrence, nor is it strange, yet foreigners remain strangers.
Through `At Home' Abroad we will take a look at our societies from the
Other side by discussing and witnessing the experiences, rejections,
losses, gains and illusions  of these social voyeurs, these uninvited
viewers. We will debate the placement of foreigners into
non-participatory social categories and offer their descriptions  as
integral contributions to understanding our societies as a whole.
Through the process of collaboration the artists themselves will also
investigate the similarities and differences of their adopted

CESTA's festival parameters of cross-national interdisciplinary
collaborations represent the center's commitment to developing
communication through creative expression.  We base our selection of
artists on a review of applications resulting from our annual open
call. Interested artists submit a prepared concept that fits the
festival parameters or request CESTA to connect them with potential
collaboration partners. For `At Home' Abroad participants must join or
present a collaboration group in which the members:

1) currently live in a country in which they are considered "foreign"
2) are using different artistic media 3) create a large portion of the
work(s) exclusively for `At Home'  Abroad

We do not accept consecutive year applications from previous CESTA
festival participants. For more information or an open call
application form for `At Home' Abroad, please contact CESTA.

CESTA is an international non-profit center committed to the
development of cultural understanding and tolerance through the arts.
CESTA was founded in 1993 in the southern Bohemian city of T�¡bor,
Czech Republic. For the past four years our association has pursued
the development of this center through community events and annual
arts festivals of cross-national interdisciplinary collaborations.
Housed in a century-old mill, the project serves as a resource center
for local and regional artists, and exhibition and performance space
for festival participants and visiting artists.
Novakova ulice 387
390 01 Tabor
Czech Republic
tel/fax: +420(361)258-004