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Syndicate: JUNCTION reader content

Dear Syndicalists,

please find here the *preliminary* table of contents for the "JUNCTION
SKOPJE: DEEP_EUROPE 1997 - 1998" reader, which will be published in October
1998 in Skopje, Macedonia. If you have any suggestions & ideas concerning
texts, reports or other materials to be included in the reader, please a)
send them via our much-acclaimed V2_East/Syndicate mailing list, and b) get
in contact with me <>.
In case you don't want your text to be published in the JUNCTION SKOPJE
reader, just let me know. Deadline for suggestions and disagreements is
Wednesday 26 August 1998, high noon.

The reader currently contains 150 pages.

Best wishes, and looking forward to hearing from you,

Inke Arns

-------------------------------THIS IS NOT THE FINAL TOC----------------
------------------------THIS IS A PRELIMINARY TOC----------------------

Editorial by Inke Arns

>From the Archives: Newsletter compilation (97/09 - 98/08)


Kathy Rae Huffman
review of ostranenie 97

Perry Bard
Making Strange. Review of Ostranenie '97 Electronic Media Forum, Dessau,
Germany (23 Mar 1998)

Tapio M�¤kel�¤
report fragment 1 from Stockholm (27 Apr 1998)

The Stockholm Syndicate
Stockholm fragment 2: The Partnership for Culture Plan (TM) (26 Apr 1998)

Oleg Kireev
english mailradek no.1: A few examples that art is more significant than it
pretends to be (13 Aug 1998)

Edi Muka
xFrom Albania (21 Jan 1998)

Edi Muka
Situation in Albania (23 Jan 1998)

Edi Muka
Piramedia - Tirana, 28 - 31 May 1998 (24 Feb 1998)

Andreas Broeckmann
A short Piramedia report (2 Jun 1998)

Geert Lovink
Culture after the Final Breakdown: A Report from Tirana, Albania (11 Jun 1998)

Sally Jane Norman
mullings and ruminations (12 Jun 1998)

Lisa Haskel

Iliyana Nedkova
Post Virtual Revolutions 1.0 (May 1998)

VR Sofia?

Andreas Broeckmann
report about VR Rotterdam

Mickela Sonola
vr 3.0 in tornio



The Amsterdam Agenda (condensed version)

Andreas Broeckmann
Towards a European Media Culture - which Culture, which Media, which Europe?

Iliyana Nedkova
Media Culture in Bulgaria	

J�¡nos Sug�¡r, Geert Lovink
BULLDOZER: introduction & preface (3 Dec 1997)

Akos Szilagyi
The 'Raw' and the 'Cooked': Russia's Mediatization (3 Dec 1997)

Tim Druckrey
Fragmentation and Solidarity: Deep Europe (review of the Nov. 97 D_E reader)

Andreas Broeckmann
A Translocal Formation: V2_East, the Syndicate, Deep Europe (27 Dec 1997)

Lisa Haskel
Relative Freedoms: Some Retrospections on "Independent Media" Production in
the UK (27 Jan 1998)

Olia Lialina (31 Jan 1998)

Raivo Kelomees
Conformism in Interview with Nelli Rohtvee (13 Feb 1998)

Tapio M�¤kel�¤
a commentary on Conformism in (16 Feb 1998)

Geert Lovink
Navigating the Normalcy. Review of subREAL - 'Serving Art' - exhibition @
Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (Germany), 20.02-15.03 1998 (4 Mar 1998)

Michiel van der Hagen
Interview with Vuk Cosic (7 Mar 1998)

Yukiko Shikata
Maniacs of Disappearance -- the membrane in personal media (31 Mar 1998)

G. Lovink / J. Sugar
Interview (Mar 1998)

Ryszard W. Kluszczynski
The Material Versus the Virtual. On Dialectics of Dalibor Martinis' Art (6
Apr 1998)

Tania Moguilevskaya, Claude Ravant
Russian Net-art: towards a space of privacy and self-expression (31 May 1998)

Igor Stromajer
Libreto: the story about (13 Aug 1998)

Lev Manovich
A Theory of Cultural Interfaces (18 Aug 1998)

Eric Kluitenberg
Baltic Cyber-Corridor

Igor Markovic
Why one evening with Critical Art Ensemble is better then five-days
"festival" in Zagreb



Marko Peljhan
Deep Europe Meets Deep Oceania (1 Dec 1997)

Inke Arns
Who by Fire #1 Symposium at the Institute of Contemporary Art - Duna�ºjv�¡ros
(ICA-D) / Hungary, 13 - 16 December 1997 (8 Jan 1998)

Kathy Rae Huffman
Structures & Strategies in Developing Multimedia: On-line and Off-line in
Cluj, Romania, December 9-12, 1997 (12 Jan 1998)

Stephen Kovats
Addendum to Kathy R Huffmann's report on Cluj (12 Jan 1998)

Drazen Pantic
Mongolia on line: from Genghis Khan to Bill Gates(3 Mar 1998)

Calin Dan
Re: Mongolia transport (3 Mar 1998)

Nina Czegledy
Eyewitness: The Art of Different Media (Lodz / Poland, 1989); Ex Oriente
Lux (Bucharest / Romania, 1993); Crossing Over CO+ (Sofia / Bulgaria, 1996)
(2 Aug 1998)

Vesna Manojlovic
Workshops, Conferences, Travels, Friendships (report) (13 Aug 1998)

Inke Arns
Ljubljana '98: Cosmonauts, Fire Works and Hand-made Sausages (August 1998)


Vuk Cosic
the cosic test (12 Nov 1997)

Micz Flor
cosic test - extended (19 Dec 1997)

Oleg Kireev
Moscow, barricade, 23 May (25 May 1998)

Maria Vassileva
apsolutno � (5 Jun 1998)

Josephine Bosma
Interview with Kathy Rae Huffman (7 Aug 1998)

Michiel v. d. Haagen
Documenta X site on free CD-ROM (18 Feb 1998)

Vowels to Bosnia (21 Apr 1998)

Re: Vwls t Bsn

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