Sheila Urbanoski on Fri, 21 Aug 1998 16:59:07 -0600

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Syndicate: Y2K


I am doing a website called My Twentieth Century/Vingtieme Siecle which
will be fictional autobio about the christian millenium

Please send me a story, in the language of your choice,
about What Is Your Favourite Year of the 20th Century (and why)? Maybe
an anecdote about a day that was special to you or your
family and that was also a significant day in history. simple example, I have a
friend who was born on the same day as the Moon Walk...what rocks
about the Y2K in your mind?? what worked? what didn't? anything really

you can be anonymous or not, up to you, and length is completely arbitrary
image suggestions are appreciated too

thanks in advance for your participation and input and
soyez beau

Sheila Urbanoski