Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:16:06 +0100

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Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:54:51 +0200
From: Walter van der Cruijsen <>


Amsterdam, december 15. 1998.

Happy christmas to you from

We proudly present the new Amsterdam free content provider Desk
Organization ( for all free spirits and autonomous networking.

A brief history.

Desk Organization started in october 1994 and initiated the Flying Desk, an
internet workspace for activists, artists and cultural workers. Many
on-line projects have run from there, until the january 1997 split within
the group.

Since then, continued as another entity, the members have
been scattered all over the place. This autumn we have managed to bring
together again some first, primary resources.

Currently, we are configuring machines, writing editorial concepts and
outlines. We welcome you to send in proposals for meetings, collaborations,
publications and other media.

Concerning our internet presence, we are planning a new website, which will
show commissioned netprojects and productions by our members and friends.
Furthermore, we will establish linux host services, like nameserving,
mailinglists and virtual websites.

The public launch of will be at the Next Five Minutes 3 (N5M3),
march 12. - 14. 1999.

On behalf of all the (future) members and projects,

Walter van der Cruijsen
Geert Lovink