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Syndicate: LAMPARNA, Labin/Croatia

From: Toni Prug <>

INFO release

--------MULTIMEDIA COLLECTION------------
--------independent cultural centers in Croatia---

Coinciding with the end of the war in Croatia several new organizations on
the NGO (non-government) scene emerged and some old ones were reborn. One
of the most comprehensive projects is The Multimedia Cultural Center
"LAMPARNA" (lighthouse) situated in the disused building on the site of old
coal mine in Labin (Istria). Devastated by the loss of it's main employment
resource and the inevitable consequences of post-war society, the youth in
Labin relies on Lamparna as the only place of cultural exchange and
information. Lamparna regularly hosts gigs, exhibitions, performances and
has the only cyber cafe in the whole region. At the same time group of
anti-war activists started Autonomous Cultural Factory (ATTACK) in Zagreb.

Together with Arkzin (Anti War Campaign) Attack represents an alternative
way of thinking and living to the nationalistic, repressive state politics
that suppressed any kind of independent publishing, freedom of media and
basic human rights.
Due to the war and self-destroying, anti-European policy of Croatian
government, the youth in Croatia spent 90's like their neighbors across
new-found borders, in isolation, struggling to keep up with new trends in
technology, education and communication.

 In order to rebuild the broken links with progressive people and ideas
across the world as well as bring together people with similar interests
inside Croatia, NGO LABinary started to put together  MULTIMEDIA COLLECTION
consisting of books, videos, cd-roms, spoken word, etc.

It will be database of knowledge, ideas and works which will be used by
aforementioned groups and open to all who express interest in it. Our
fields of interest are: humanities,  new media & technology (publishers
like  verso & routledge) and all initiatives which are raising awareness
about multi-national corporate supremacy, ecology, grass-roots movement and
documented NGO actions.

We kindly ask you to contribute to this collection and to support our ideas
of cultural integration & exchange in the spirit of our belief that we live
in Europe and not on some remote, far place as our current government would
like to make as believe.
All contributors will be promoted in independent media & book shops
including free adds & reviews in following magazines: ARKzin, Bastard &
Attack newsletter as well as our own newsletter LABinary which will promote
MULTIMEDIA COLLECTION once in six months.

	For LABinary,

Nenad Romic - Marcell        &        Toni Prug