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Syndicate: Syndicate info

[i wrote the following as a short description of the syndicate; comments
are welcome, forward as you feel appropriate. greetings, -a]

The Syndicate

The 'Syndicate' is the (slightly ironic) name of a network of people
involved in media culture and media art in Europe. Established in January
1999 as a platform for the exchange of information and the fostering of
ties between East and West European cultural practitioners, the Syndicate
regularly organises meetings in different European cities and communicates,
in between these meetings, through an internet mailing list. In March 99,
over 360 people from over 30 European and some non-European countries are
subscribed to this mailing list, most of them artists, curators,
organisers, critics, theorists. The division between East and West is
growing less important as people cooperate in ever-changing constellations,
in ad-hoc as well as long-lasting partnerships.

The mailing list is an important channel and information resource for
announcing and reporting new projects, events and developments in media
culture. A mail archive is kept on the WWW at
. The main meetings have so far taken place at half-yearly intervals in
Rotterdam (Sept. 96), Liverpool (April 97), Kassel (July 97), Dessau (Nov.
97), Tirana (May 98), Skopje (Oct. 98), with many smaller meetings and
joint projects, presentations and workshops happening in between. Readers
published on the occasion of the autumn meetings have collected the most
important texts from the mailing list in printed form.

To subscribe to the Syndicate list, please, write a message to
with the following text in the body of the message:
	subscribe your@email.address
To unsubscribe:
	unsubscribe your@email.address

For further information, please, consult the website at or write to <>.

V2_East is an initiative of V2_Organisation Rotterdam to support the
cooperation between media cultural practitioners across Europe.