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Syndicate: EU billlions

From: "Armin Medosch" <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 12:12:20 +0000
Subject: EU billlions

                                      The Information Society Technologies
                                      (IST) Programme support collaborative
                                      projects involving organisations of
                                      every kind, in industry, academia,
                                      public sector bodies and research
                                      institutions - and a first call for
                                      proposals will be issued on 17 March.

                                      The Programme has a budget of 3.6
                                      billion Euro for 1998-2002. This
                                      makes it the largest component of the
                                      European Commission's Fifth Framework
                                      Programme for Research and
                                      Technological Development. Its size
                                      and scope reflect the pervasiveness
                                      of Information and Communication
                                      Technologies in our society, and the
                                      rapidity of developments in the
                                      technologies and infrastructures
                                      themselves. This means that
                                      continuous efforts are required in
                                      research, technological development,
                                      demonstration and in the support of
                                      technology up-take.

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