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Syndicate: Call for Proposals

Center for Metamedia-Plasy &
     Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague

invite proposals for participation
artists, organizers, activists
for a new workshop-symposium
    >> Pantograph - An Instrument of Mediation <<
6-13 June 1999, Plasy Monastery

proposal deadline: 
    15 March 1999

for more information than you find below:

>> description <<
     Pantograph is a new workshop-symposium initiated by the Center for
Metamedia-Plasy to foster constructive discussion and the initiation of
interregional projects addressing the folds between culture, society, and
politics within Europe's former "eastern bloc".
     Ten organizers (artists, curators, cultural managers, activists, etc.)
representing independent cultural organizations will be selected for
participation in the workshop-symposium. Together the participants will
work on rigorous and provocative analyses and "spin-off" projects that
address contemporary conditions, meanings and functions of culture within
the region. The "spin-off" projects devised and initiated within the
Pantograph framework will explore innovative and resourceful ways for
culture to impact contemporary societal issues. 
     The workshop-symposium Pantograph - An Instrument of Mediation is
developed to draw ideas, innovation, and collaboration from the experience
of transformation from individuals active within these countries' cultural
spheres. The project's unique format - discussion and project development -
allows for the discussion of ideas to form directly into "spin-off"
projects that address and affect those issues the participants identify as
most vital. The aim is to initiate constructive and rigorous analysis of
the state of and possibilities for the independent cultural spheres in the
former "eastern bloc" and simultaneously to foster the initiation of new
collaborative projects that implement the workshop-symposium's ideas and
extend them to a broader, international audience.
     Proposals for participation in Pantograph will be accepted from
mid-December 1998 through mid-March 1999. In April and May, the ten
participants will together devise the discussion areas and begin sharing
project ideas. (A Pantograph web site will be mounted for such discussion.)
The meeting will take place on 6-13 June 1999 at the Center for Metamedia
in the Plasy Monastery, Czech Republic. At the close of the meeting, the
participants will present proposals for projects. A selection of these
projects will receive a modest amount of start-up money to ensure their

Proposal  for Participation:
We ask you to send no later than 15 March 1999:  
-- a written statement that expresses your interest in the Pantograph
project's themes and goals;
--  initial ideas for collaborative projects;
--  information about your background and experience in initiating and
seeing through innovative cultural projects. 
Early application is recommended.
Artists, organizers, theorists and activists - with no regard for
nationality - are encouraged to apply. The selection of participants will
be made by the project organizers.
Send by e-mail to:
by fax to: Pantograph, SCCA-Prague - 00 420 2 57 32 06 40
by post to:  Pantograph, SCCA Prague, Jelení 9, 11800 Praha 1 Czech Republic
Questions are best sent to the e-mail address.

Pantograph is funded in part by grants from Soros Centers for Art Regional
Projects (SCARP), Pro Helvetia Ost West, the Hermit Fund, Soros Center for
Contemporary Arts-Prague and other foundations with interest in stimulating
the exchange of ideas.

Pantograph organizers:
Milos Vojtechovsky, Jo Williams, Ludvik Hlavacek, Jennifer De Felice

Centrum pro Metamedia / Spolecnost pratel umeni-Plasy / Nadace Hermit
Center for Metamedia / Society of Friends of Art-Plasy / Hermit Foundation
P.O. Box 25, 331 01 Plasy, Czech Republic
NOVY! NEW! tel./fax 00 420 182 - 32 29 09