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Syndicate: [n5m3] n5m3 radio program

    n5m3 radio will be web and broadcasting for four days,
    print the program and hang it next to your computer!

Some parts of the n5m3 radio are aimed at a remote (web) audience.
Sometimes there is the possibility to react to what you hear directly
in chat, like with the streaming media workshop. Look at the n5m3 website
for details. Other chat possibilities might be added last minute, so
check the site regularly.

In Amsterdam we have three alternative free radiostations:
De Vrije Keyser, Radio 100 and Radio Patapoe. De Vrije Keyser
only broadcasts on tuesdays, so it will not be on the air during n5m3.
The people of this station will be amongst the n5m3 radio makers though.
Collaborating at n5m3 are people from Radio De Vrije Keyser, Radio 100,
Radio Patapoe, Radio Koekeroe (Leiden) and Radio Stadsverwarming (Haarlem),
next to lots of foreign conference guests of course! Koekeroe and
Stadsverwarming are free (illegal) stations too.
Except for the free radiostations which are always on the air there
will be two additional transmitters/frequencies used. One will be
Radio n5m3, from te conference, and the other Agent Radio, a project by
Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha. Descriptions of remote projects, like
Agent Radio, below.

Special broadcast, on air (Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM)
and online
thursday March 11th, 21.00-01.00:
N5M3 Openingparty, with Station Rose, Erik Hobijn, Convex TV, Ashley Gillard.


Radio n5m3   95.8  FM
Agent Radio  96.3  FM
Radio 100  99.3  FM
Radio Patapoe  97.2  FM


During n5m3 Radio, TV and Web will work closely together. The
collaboration produces a hybrid medium, hybrium for short. Friday
and Saturday evening hybrium specials are scheduled, which host
special performances, but also do experimental reports from the
programs in the main room of Paradiso: the How Low Can You Go Show
(Friday) and the Spoken Word evening (Saturday).

Special performances :
Friday March 12th,   24.00: Ann Whitehearst, Therese Zoekende, Mongrel.
Saturday March 13th, 22.00: Fakeshop. (± 30 minutes)
                     24.00: HKU-project, Therese Zoekende, Debra Solomon.

remote (not at n5m3-premises) projects:

Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM, Friday March 12th 15.00-18.00
Wreck This Mess: [PyschorRADIographies & Deep Statical Archives]
3 hours of selfreferential radio, repetition possible.

Agent Radio  96.3 FM  All through March 12th, 13th and 14th
Remko Scha and Arthur Elsenaar. A special software will search the
internet for ANY sound file, queue the files and play them on the air
as one endless string of sound.

Radio Patapoe, Radio 100, n5m3 radio, Local TV: Saturday March 13th 24.30
HKU-students F. Honée, R. Mertowirdjo, P. Roorda en C.Stürmer.
Short video with sound devided over stereo-signals of different

program n5m3 radio, on air and online:

Friday March 12th:

12.00/13.00: tapes, music, simple stuff (still building studio)
15.00: Art of Campaigning mix. A 'collage' of sound from the Art of
       Campaigning show in the Big room of Paradiso mixed with found
       footage and comments.
18.00: news, announcements, short interviews
19.00: dinnerradio - soundscapes, tapes, mixers:
       cyberfeminist special
21.00: hybriumspecial: how low can you go: collaboration with local TV.
       VJ Oskar Luyer, audio mix: Herrie & Stort
01.00: close


09.00: slow breakfast show: Bart Schut and Dan Kerwell present
       their view of n5m3.
11.00: (not) at n5m3 show: presentation of projects, interviews
       that are not on the n5m3 program, but whose makers are
       present. Amongst others: 'Deconstructing Beck' by RTMark
       and 'Biogene' by the Cultural Terrorist Agency.
13.00: short overview of the day, followed by
       streaming media technical workshop embedded in sound,
       studiocomments and with chatpossibility with workshop.
14.30: PGO debate mix.
17.00: Talk with Paul Garrin on erosion of free speech
       through privatization.
18.00: nieuws, aankondigingen, overzichten, korte interviews
19.00-22.00: dinnerradio - Xchange/Orang-special.
22.00: hybrium special: Fakeshop performance
22.30:                : Spoken Word Night
      VJ: Jarif Alterfin, audio mix: Edward Milhuysen or Toek?
24.00:                : HKU-project, Therese Zoekende, Debra Solomon.
02.00: close


09.00: slow breakfast show: Geert Lovink on the mike
       with early bird guests
11.00: short interviews, news and announcements
12.00: Revolting FM: Micz Flor will 'content DJ' some of the
       Revolting Temp Media Lab sound files.
       special hosts: convex tv. with real time commentry
14.00: streaming media forum, main hall Paradiso.
       B92 presents its current situation  (30 minutes).
       short presentations Ashley Gillard (, London),
       Tetsuo Kogawa (MiniFM and netradio activist, Tokyo), Erwin Blom
       (VPRO, Netherlands), Freespeech TV (NewYork), Adam Hyde
       (Radioqualia, Australia), Banque de Programmes (Panos Institute,
       discussion with audience and chat input, moderation
       Josephine Bosma.
15.30: mini closing debate in studio.
17.00: schluss