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Syndicate: Media Lab residency call for proposals, deadline is March 31st.

Media Lab

Request for proposals for an artist in residence opportunity

Contact information:

Liane Davison, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Surrey Art Gallery

13750-88th Avenue, Surrey, B.C. Canada V3W 3L1 phone: 604-501-5566, fax


email artgallery@city.surrey.bc.ca website: www.city.surrey.bc.ca/artgallery


The Surrey Art Gallery plans to construct and equip a digital media lab that

will provide a facility for artists to create new work using digital media,

provide a venue for visitors to see the process of digital art creation, and

involve an artist in the Gallery+s planning for future digital media

opportunities. The Gallery is seeking proposals from leading edge digital

media artists or artist teams who are interested in working with the Gallery

on a contract basis over the summer.


Digital media been included in Surrey Art Gallery programming for several

years, including the development of a Gallery web site and exhibitions and

events with internet components. As part of their mandate to respond to new

developments in, and provide public access to contemporary art, the Gallery

is pursuing a major exhibition of digital media (on the topic of identity)

to be presented in the fall of 1999 with a second one (on the topic of

landscape) planned for 2000. In anticipation of this, and furthering the

development of multi-media events such as a CyberPowWow, the Gallery has

proposed to construct a temporary Media Lab with an accompanying Artist in

Residence program.

The plan for the Media Lab consists of a designated studio (fish bowl) built

within the Gallery, to house the artist-in-residence and all computer

equipment. The artist is to be available for conversations about their

activities with casual visitors, and provide viewers with opportunities for

passive observation of their work (e.g. on screens projected within the

Gallery). The placement of the lab directly within the Gallery is intended

to also test it as a support centre (booth) for future digital media events

and exhibitions.

The proposed Media Lab is a pilot project. Ongoing operation of the lab

depends on whether it fulfills the mission and goals outlined below. Given

the growing art applications of digital media, the general public+s interest

in computers and growing dependence on the internet for information (i.e.

Asian news), access and provision of art programming via the web may be

essential. The Lab is one strategy to address this need.

Operation of the Media Lab:

The operation of the Media Lab will be directed by the Curator of

Exhibitions and Collections of the Surrey Art Gallery. Day to day staff

liaison for the program will be primarily provided by the Gallery

Preparator. The Curator of Visual Art Programs will work with the artist in

residence on specific projects or community interaction. Staff from the City

of Surrey Information Technology Department may also provide input into the

technical operations of the Lab.

Mission of the Media Lab Artist in Residence project:

  to provide the public with an opportunity to view and understand how

digital media is currently being used by artists including its process of

its creation

  to provide a forum for investigation, expression and dialogue about how

contemporary culture and society is currently being affected by digital


  to explore and present the possibilities that digital media opens for

artists (and others) for communication, interaction and expression

  to prepare and assist the Gallery to identify and address challenges and

opportunities for future exhibitions and other programming using digital


  to provide a dynamic learning opportunity

  to attract new audiences and partners to the Surrey Art Gallery

The Media Lab+s Service Goals:

  attract new or increase existing audiences (i.e. youth, people interested

in technology)

  provide an opportunity for one-on-one interaction between the artist and


  enable the Gallery+s to better present new works or exhibits that require

digital media

  mentor community artists in the use and application of digital media

  develop the Gallery+s capability to deliver low cost documentation on

exhibitions (i.e. through the development of CD-ROM and web publishing


  improve on information delivery (i.e. via electronic communications


  increased opportunities for visitor and community feedback on Gallery


  share Gallery programming with an international audience via the internet

  place visual arts in Surrey within an international context, via the


  test operate and provide ongoing operations on all of the equipment in all

possible capacities

  produce test programming (i.e. an event) to identify possibilities, issues

and technological problems with delivery or organization

  share working knowledge with Gallery staff for more efficient planning and

delivery of technology dependent events

  create manuals, troubleshooting steps, set up guidelines etc. for digital


  set up systems of operation, feedback on the project, and feedback from

visitors for the planning and delivery of more effective programming

The Media Lab programme will be evaluated on its ability to:

  provide an appropriate, equipped and structured environment and context

for the artist to develop and present original work and interact with the


  construct a forum that encourages a wide range and multi-directional

exchange of ideas and dialogue on digital media

  develop and present a range of applications of digital media for visitors

to experience

  build a resource within the City of Surrey, of knowledge and experience in

the use and application of digital media

  enable the gallery to support the presentation of digital media


  assist in the development of a digitized database of the Gallery+s

permanent collection resources (posted on the internet or via CD-ROM)

  build a network between the Gallery, artists, digital industry and an

interested audience

  research and develop proposals for future projects or programming that

will specifically serve youth and intercultural communities

  be operated within the Gallery+s budget and the City+s technology


  provide an artist to act as a mentor for Surrey artists who are interested

in new media

  connect with South East Asian and First Nations groups

Technical Resources

The lab+s equipment list will allow for the creation and dissemination of

digital media, and support of media presentations. Computers will be

connected with high speed links (i.e. through the City of Surrey+s server or

via a service such as Rogers) to the internet, have capabilities of

simultaneously supporting a range of software and hardware accessories, and

broadcasting. The proposed equipment list is expected to be adequate for the

identified activities, goals and objectives of the project. Equipment that

will facilitate sharing the lab+s activities (both in the Gallery and on the

internet) encourage interactivity (i.e. teleconferencing) and will support

the anticipated digital media exhibitions will be given funding priority.


  PC: Del Dimensions XPS R400, with Pentium II processor at 400 MHz, 128MB

100mhz SDRAM memory, 512KB integrated L2 cache, 12.9 GB Ultra ATA hard

drive, 21- 1000 HS Trinitron Monitor, STB nVidia 8Mb 3D AGP Graphics, 40X

Max variable CD-ROM drive, A3D 64V PCI sound, Harman Kardon HK-195 speakers,

3Com 3C905 100 MB PCl ethernet card, 2 universal serial bus (usb) ports,

Windows 98 keyboard, MS Mouse, NT4 workstation, MS Office

  Web TV Plus Package from Magnovox which includes support, a 56k modem,

1geg hard drive, printer port, infrared keyboard, Web TV network -

connection fee and monthly fee

  Epson Stylus 850 photo printer (1440dpi)

  Jaz 2GB drive with internal SCSI

  Yamaha CRW4416 CD writer

  Logitech QuickCam (web cam)

  Wacom intuos 12- x 12- graphics tablet

  Minolta Slide Scanner

  BackUPS 650M battery back up power

  NEC MT8830 video/data projector

  Epson 836xL Tabloid size flatbed scanner


  Adobe Illustrator 7.0

  Adobe Pagemaker 6.5

  Adobe Photoshop 5.0

  MS Front page 98




Technical Support and Web site host:

The artist in residence needs to detail their technical and support needs.

The Lab+s equipment and network will have limited technical support from the

City of Surrey+s Information Technology staff. The City of Surrey will

provide a direct high speed link to the internet via the City+s in-house

server. The Lab+s web site will be placed on the Gallery+s web pages and

will be hosted by the City+s server and will need to follow city protocol.

Proposed Operating Budget*			

Artist in Residence fees			10,000

Documentation (publications & film & print development)	3000

Advertisements & announcement cards			1430

Total			$14,800

*Equipment and lab construction costs are considered capital and are not

included in the operating budget.

Proposal Requirements

Pending the completion of technical set up and operational testing, the

artist in residence program will begin mid June 1999, and will conclude in

late October, 1999. Compensation for the artist will be hours paid for hours

worked at the Gallery, based on an agreed upon schedule for this time frame.

Candidates interested in this opportunity are asked to apply to the Gallery


1. a written proposal that addresses why you wish to work as an artist in

residence and a description of the project you wish to complete during your

term of residency including:

  process and method planned for the project+s research, development and


  the project+s content/imagery/theme ( i.e. landscape, identity,

theoretical discourse)

  equipment and technical support required

  a workplan for the development and production of your project (i.e.

detailing hours needed for particular phases of production)

  a vision for sharing the process (i.e. projections, open studio,

workshops, website updates, email correspondence etc.) to gallery visitors

  equipment and technical support required to complete the proposed work

  a description of your experieinces with related projects

  expectations of other Gallery support including staff liaison

2. a current resume

3. up to 20 slides of artwork by the applicant, or other visual materials

(slides, digital images etc.) that show the type and quality of their

practice. Materials need to be Please identify any special equipment or

software if required for viewing.

4. references from people who can attest to your ability to work well with

the public and within a public institution, as well as from those who can

support your ability to complete your proposed project (a minimum of 3


5. budget and breakdown for expenses, including all fees (including taxes),

additional equipment/software, technical support etc. (The contract will not

provide compensation or coverage for any liability insurance, WCB, travel or


Selection criteria

Proposals from artists will be evaluated according to the following

criteria: -intellectual- significance or artistic merit; appropriateness of

the methodologies and the feasibility of the workplan; qualifications and

expertise of the artist in relation to the project goals and the potential

for success, including the likelihood that the project will be completed

within the projected time frame and the appropriateness of the budget. The

Gallery will assemble an advisory panel to make recommendations on the

proposals. The Gallery reserves the right not to select any of the


Deadline: March 31, 1999