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Syndicate: Presentation CD Rom GENDER MEDIA ART 12 March, De Balie Amsterdam

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 17:21:03 +0100 (CET)
From: "axisvm" <>

A multimedia CD-ROM including work by international artists, presented by
Axis in 1997-1998. RELEASE MARCH 1999.

PREMIERE: Presentation during the Next 5 Minutes 3 Conference (10-14 March,

By: Deanna Herst, programmer Axis, foundation for arts and gender, Amsterdam

Friday 12 March 1999 13.45 hour

De Salon, De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
The Netherlands

Gender and transgender, queer and post-queer mark the new range of visions
on sexual identity at the turn of this millennium. The biological sex has
finally lost its status as a dominant factor in defining a person's
identity. Individual construction of identity has taken its place.

GENDER MEDIA ART, a multimedia CD-ROM, showcases its influence on the arts
and mass media within 12 projects, including work by theorists, writers and
artists using media as video, film, photography and digital media. Their
work focuses on contemporary alter-egoism, queerness and transsexuality.
They give taboos like pornography and violence their own twist and show
their view on the new globalism of the internet and in real life. But more
than this, their work show the aesthetics of an (image) culture in which
stereotypes are past history.

 Artists: among others Lynn Hershman, Sadie Benning, Jennifer Reeder, Debra
Solomon, Sam Schoenbaum, Annie Sprinkle, Daniel Brun, M.M. Serra.
Theorists: Judith Butler, Teresa de Lauretis, Jonathan Weinberg, Darryl
Hill and many others.

HTML-file containing webprojects Changing Images, Avatar and other links

 PDF-file containing Axis annual report 1997-1998, an index of all
participating artists, information about art and gender.

presents from The Living and Women with Beards calendar - Millennium Update!


N5M #3 Conference:

For more information contact Marieke Istha PR or Deanna Herst Programming at:
Axis, foundation for arts and gender
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 72
1012 GE Amsterdam T 020 4274525 F 020 4271412