Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 24 Mar 1999 09:06:35 +0100

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Syndicate: Re: Yugoslavia

>the BBC has just reported, what many of us have assumed will be one of the
>results of the impending nightmare in Yugoslavia, that Radio B92 has been
>shut, and it's director has been jailed....

this is really bad. the whole thing is really bad and it's likely to get
nastier ... i sincerely hope that those in charge will come to their senses
and break off this stupid cock-fight.

i am in too many minds about the political and military situation between
the yu-government, kosovo, nato, us, eu, bosnia, albania, ..., to suggest
anything clear here, so i'll stick with the practical question of our
spring excursion to belgrade.

for me, the intention is unchanged. we are planning to go and visit our
friends in yugoslavia and have a spring party with them on the banks of the
Danube. what happens to this friendship under the threat of war? it may
become impossible or dangerous to travel (even if the danger is still
smaller, rather than bigger, than the one which people in yugoslavia and
kosovo are experiencing today) and we may have to delay the trip
altogether. as far as i am concerned, this will be very much dependent on
the general situation, and on what our hosts in belgrade and novi sad say
what we should do.

here is my current plan: the week from 19 - 25 april is booked for a trip
south. this friday, inke and i are planning to go to the yugoslav consulate
here in berlin to see whether we can get a visa. (to be honest, under the
current circumstances i doubt whether they will be working regularly. they
will also have other things on their minds ...) on 18 april i want to get
on the train to budapest, see some friends there, and then travel to
belgrade on the 19th for the video festival and syndicate meeting in REX in
the second half of that week. if that proves impossible, there is an open
invitation from kinema-ikon in arad/romania (see below) to drop by, as well
as from amra and enes of the S?CCA in sarajevo. arad we could easily do by
train from budapest, sarajevo is probably easiest by air.

i don't know how other people who are intending to go to belgrade feel
about this. it is very arwkward to think about it, not knowing what might
happen in yugoslavia in the meantime. for the moment, i'll just stick with
the original plan and change it on the fly if it proves necessary at the

the shut-down of B92 means that it will be more difficult, maybe also
dangerous, to get accurate information about the situation in YU, which is
why sending some vital information through the list will be very important.

worried about my friends, with love,


Date: Thu, 11 Mar 99 14:52:03 -0500
From: atelier <>

Dear Andreas,
we are really happy about the planned visit of our European colleagues and
hereby renew our invitation to meet here in Arad. On the other hand we
discretely have to inform you that we have no financial support for this
The road to Belgrade leads today, as well as in more glorious times, from
Arad to Timisoara and from there to Belgrade.
We hope that the voice of the V2-e-mail will transmit this invitation to all
those interested.
With the best regards,

ROAD TO ARAD (a map would be of great help):
- First you have to go to Budapest - I suggest Passau, Wien, Budapest;
- Then Beograd is South, and Arad is West (230km) - from Beograd you must
go VRASC(YU), Stamora-Moravita(RO), TIMISOARA, ARAD - you have trains,
buses, or better by car...
- I expect further correspondence on the subject, and I promise to be in
Arad with you.

INPORTANT NEWS - after discussing with my Uni. in Oradea, they said we can
host here up to then persons (even more if needed):
- Oradea is 120km North from Arad;
- Hosting means hotel and some meals supported by the Uni.;
- You can visit a young art institute, located in an ancient medieval
fortress, meet staff and students,  see documentation about the
INTERMEDIART project (financed by Uncle George, and managed by two of our
students last year +++);