lisa haskel on Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:21:33 +0000

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Re: Syndicate: Re: Yugoslavia

Dear Andreas, Dear Syndicalists, 

We will all be thinking about our friends in Serbia right now and so 
thanks for the news and reactions.  While the machinary of power 
accelerates still more, I agree with Andreas that those we know who 
have stayed in Yugoslavia throughout the wars, who work so hard and 
against the grain to make spaces and platforms for independent 
thinking and opposition action should be uppermost in our minds. If 
we are talking about morals and ethics here, then it seems to me that 
friendship and trust between individuals is the only certainty we 
have... weak though this may seem today.

So I agree absolutely that we should keep those dates in April in our 
diaries as a time when we act on this in some definate way, but I 
think that we cannot plan or predict anything for a few days at 
least. If we meet "in exile", then Sarajevo is certainly a good place 
for many reasons, while Arad is close and travel realistic from what 
might be left of Yugoslavia. Let us see what is required and what is 

With love to all those in the deeper europe,