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Syndicate: Fw: COMTEC art dresden, competition '99

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 Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:07:17 +0100
 Subject: COMTEC art dresden, competition '99

COMTEC art-büro
Medien- und Kulturzentrum Pentacon
Schandauerstr. 64, D - 01277 Dresden


you find all informations about COMTEC art in our homepage:

the Culture Office of Dresden, capital of Saxony, is organizing the third
media art festival COMTEC art. The internationally advertised festival sees
itself as a platform to present and discuss media art projects. COMTEC art
explores cultural chances and risks of ?cybernatisation' and the attendant
changes in perception. The festival will focus on the interaction of human
mental-body and digitally mediated communication. COMTEC art is accompanied
by performances, workshops and a symposium.

advertisement: COMTEC art ´99 Dresden
Festival/exhibition for computer aided art, December 16th 1999 ? January
30th 2000. The competition with an endowment of DM 20 000 comprises
internet projects, computer animation, computer graphics and music,
audio-visual compositions, performances and installations. Performances,
concepts, texts and experiments will be included in accompanying events and
publications. All of the selected projects will be documented in the COMTEC
art ´99-catalog and in the internet. Address your submissions and any
questions to: 
COMTEC art ´99 office, Medien- und Kulturzentrum Pentacon, Schandauer Str.
64, D - 01277 Dresden, Germany, Tel./Fax: 0049 551/340 00 33,
http:\\, eMail: