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Syndicate: Re: Yugoslavia

dearest friends in .yu and syndicate,

have been writing this mail in multi-coloured shades of urgency and concern
for days now, and this is hardly the time to procrastinate.

i wish i could swing immediately into frivolities, but i am too
disillusioned about the constantly unfolding news from our friends in

during this traumatic period, i want to thank everyone from the region who
continues to post to syndicate.  i am sure i am not alone in my
appreciation of such a real and human forum of expression at such a dire
time as this.

i wish i could construct words which would in some way express the depth of
the distress which i, and all my colleagues in australia, feel this time.
the nature of any attempted solace seems horribly hollow at the moment, and
highlights the inability to plumb the depths to which we are living in
during these tense and grim days.

since  24.3.99 9:05am CST australia time, when we first heard of the
impending chaos in .yu, concentrating on anything else has been difficult.
there are no words in situations such as these.  they merely become
faltering concepts which highlight the need, and yet the simultaneous
impossibility, of action ....

in australia we are attempting to ensure that the plight of b92 and the
"free" media within .yu is publicised as widely as possible.  however at
the same time, i agree with marko's comments regarding about the necessity
to complexify our strategies of support to include all aspects of the
struggle, as necessary.
as lisa so aptly put it:

>I also agree that we cannot assume we know what is required on
>the ground.  What do you or others among us know already from the
>contacts you have? do you have suggestions?

i would like to pledge my support in any area that may be of assistance.
please advise if there is anything at all that we can do.

and in the meantime, i can only impart my heartfelt love and strength to
all of you in yugoslavia, and all of you with loved ones in the region.

kia kaha
(be strong)


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