Andrea Szekeres & Adele Eisenstein on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 19:53:15 +0100

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Syndicate: B92/YU mirror site at C3

Dear Andreas and other anxious Syndicate friends,

This is to let you know (and anyone else who might be interested but is not
on the Syndicate list) that we have just put up on the C3 hopepage (this
really was a Freudian slip, Andreas!) (see a "fresh"
focus on the current events over YU, comprising B92 (still not Radio B52
:)), Opennet, ANEM, fund/call for help and Internetto (Hungarian on-line
journal, with news regularly updated and translated to Hungarian) links, as
well as a regularly refreshed list of relevant mails - mainly from
Syndicate - and archive (begun yesterday).

On the one hand, we wanted to let all of you know that we are posting many
of the Syndicate mails (with sender names still attached, as they are on
the V2_East site). We thought this might be an easier/cheaper site to
access for those in the surrounding region. Please let us know if you do
NOT wish that we post your message with your name here as well.
We would also like to post some excerpts of personal messages, anonymously,
but we will contact you individually in that case.
Finally, if you have any further relevant information you would like to
post here, please send it to Andrea Szekeres <>.

We are all thinking very much of our friends in YU, and we wish for a
different sign from the heavens (the sound is even ominous and omnipresent
over Budapest)...

in SOLIDairity
A & A

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