Eric Kluitenberg on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 13:09:22 +0200

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Dear syndicalists,

At 11:19 +0000 25-03-1999, lisa haskel wrote:

>I also agree that we cannot assume we know what is required on
>the ground.  What do you or others among us know already from the
>contacts you have? do you have suggestions?

Before we get into the wrong discussion - the request for money for the
operations of all independent media in the region came from the region as
the thing they identified was most urgently needed - we did not invent this
idea ourselves.

Right now we are trying to put together a co-ordinated effort in Amsterdam
in close co-ordination with people at B92, Radio 21 and other places.

The name of "HelpB92 and the independent media in Yugoslavia" was chosen as
an emblem that people, and more importantly international media can relate
to - ANEM or Indenpendent Media Fund doesn't mean antyhing for the people
we have to reach to have any kind of impact, unfortunately.

Of course we are looking at all the independent media not just in FRY, but
also in Macedonia, Albania, etc..
Press Now the support organisation for independent media in the Balkans is
in continuous contact with as many as possible individual organisations in
the region.

Keep in touch with efforts from Amsterdam via this
site will be updated as quickly as possible by the editorial team now under

For the rest please do get involved and discuss what other steps could be
useful to give support to our friends under siege.