marko peljhan on Thu, 25 Mar 1999 10:28:53 +0100

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dear all,
i just wanted to remind everybody, that we should think and try to help
as well as we can our friends in yugoslavia, that from now on work under
even more impossible conditions. also, we should not forget our friends
in kosovo, macedonia and albania, who work under war or extreme pressure
conditions already for a year and more.
so, i suggest that the support and fund for b92 should be, also in name
and title, extended to all the independents in kosovo and around it.
i understand this is the initial idea (help  b92 and other independent
media in yugoslavia) but this should be made even clearer.  koha, radio
21 and others, who we might not even know also need help and support.
so,  maybe call it ANEM FUND or  INDEP-MEDIA FUND, but not just B92
i can pledge the full support of the local technical capabilities to
everybody and hope that the founders of the fund will find the means and
methods to help these media to operate under these extreme conditions
and am offering once again the full cooperation of ljudmila, ljudmila_hw
lab and pact.
what is now needed is a clear message what is needed there, from there,
but bear in mind, that the strikes struck and are aimed again and only
against strategic and to a lesser extent tactical military
installations. so maybe what is needed there are methods and means to
safely transport information in and out of yugoslavia now.
we are late with this and we should know it. just throwing money at the
media will not help. a clearer strategy is needed, so an online debate
would not be a bad idea.

marko peljhan