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Re: Syndicate: Rerouting the Beograd Syndicate Spring Picni

ho girls

> i feel it might be necessary to ask what such a meeting can be there for,
> and whether we should hold it at all. i have no opinion about this at the
> moment, but the context is so significantly changed since we first decided
> to go to belgrade that i want to take up an argument which zvonimir raised,
> that we may have to be much more careful, and much more considerate than we
> have been so far.
Syndicate didn't exist when most of the previous balkans niceities 
were happening, and I am sure that most deffinitively every single 
subscriber/community member would have been equally active. 
Nevertheless, this intensity of (fully justified) care for friends should 
never be isolated from a sligtly broader context, and any real 
collective action that would not be directed strictly toward helping 
individuals is a massively tricky business.
In my opinion, any attempt to use syndicate user base as 
preassure group in political communication with whomever in 
europe or yu would be wrong, simply because we are not about 
politics, but about humans and sometimes about their new media 
thoughts or work.

> each of us will have to contribute to this discussion, because we all come
> to this from different angles and may see different pro's and con's to
> this. whatever we say now may also, by the middle of april, have been
> overtaken by new circumstances, and that may be a reason for waiting until
> the last moment with a final decision. nevertheless i think it is important
> to keep on planning and making contingency plans, so that we have as many
> options as possible at the time that we want to act.
The only SPECTACLE/FESTIVAL/CONF/EVENT way for Syndicate 
to help our subscribers and anybody else in kosovo and serbia is 
the one that exists from the day one of lists existance --> I suggest 
some kind of display of actual contents coming from eastern 
territories with underlined inclusion of creative people from yu. By 
showing that work by yu people makes an important part in the 
overall cultural context - and that it is being accepted and wanted 
by us others -  Syndicate will send the only message it can 
possibly send without radically changing. 
Collective political acts such as petitions and simillar could hardly 
manufacture consent within the list, and might bring changes in the 
user base.


ceterum censeo milosevic must be destroyed