Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 29 Mar 1999 13:29:16 +0100

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Re: Syndicate: Rerouting the Beograd Syndicate Spring Picni

dear friends,

(this is a random group that i could come up with off the top of my head;
we should keep the circle small, but if you feel that some others should be
involved, please, cc them as well)

the whole situation is terrible, worrying, getting worse ... and so much
truth in so many conflicting words ...

about the syndicate meeting andrea and adele wrote:

>If you really decide (this question goes first to Dejan and Katarina) that
>Budapest would be the best alternative, we (A2, + Andreas = A3) will help
>as much as we can to organise what is necessary from here. If you would
>like to bring the Cinema Rex YU video programme here, we can try to arrange
>a good location, perhaps with the support of the OSI and CEU here.

i feel it might be necessary to ask what such a meeting can be there for,
and whether we should hold it at all. i have no opinion about this at the
moment, but the context is so significantly changed since we first decided
to go to belgrade that i want to take up an argument which zvonimir raised,
that we may have to be much more careful, and much more considerate than we
have been so far.

each of us will have to contribute to this discussion, because we all come
to this from different angles and may see different pro's and con's to
this. whatever we say now may also, by the middle of april, have been
overtaken by new circumstances, and that may be a reason for waiting until
the last moment with a final decision. nevertheless i think it is important
to keep on planning and making contingency plans, so that we have as many
options as possible at the time that we want to act.

i'll leave it at this for the moment.