Slobodan Markovic on Mon, 29 Mar 1999 14:09:22 +0200

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Syndicate: Total Madness Again

    NATO blew it this time. Their actions in Yugoslavia are showing
    fundamental misunderstanding of Kosovo crisis and Balkan mentalities.
    After CNN reported 500.000 Albanian refugees on Kosovo, Clinton
    responded, on a press conference, that NATO will strike now with 
    even more power in attempt to stop killings. Totally wrong.

    Everybody is potential victim on Balkans. In this moment of time
    Albanians are fleeing from their homes (around 2000 is crossing 
    Yugoslav borders daily). Just few years ago around 300.000 Serbs 
    fled from Bosnia after Croatian military operation The Storm.

    That was the revenge. And Albanian exodus now is also some kind 
    of revenge. NATO attacks gave perfect excuse to Slobodan Milosevic
    to ban all independent media in Serbia, homogenize nation behind 
    him and hit Kosovo with much larger police + military forces.

    If there was no NATO attack we would still have low scale conflict 
    on Kosovo that allows peace negotiations. Now everything is more 
    or less finished. Just like after The Storm, nothing will be the 
    same, including possible future negotiations... not to mention
    life on Kosovo...


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