pticica on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:59:06 +0100

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Syndicate: morning repor

hallo everyone!

night in novi sad was more or less calm, and alert stop was announced
around midnight. still, we do not have

it si alert announced again.....(in this very moment i wish i had a
was reading postings. melentie`s and nina`s reports were of help, but
also belgrade reports. actualy, we do not have much info. last night we
heard there was a bombing in belgrade and prishtina, but nothing else.
slobodane, it is a same night view here, specialy nice near the biggest
bridge on danube.
about reports: i heard something was reported on RTL (second-hand info)
about left-wing demonstrations in berlin yesterday. do anyone knows
anything about it?!

have to check  waht`s going on (syren is not in good shape in this part
of the town-radio is much better in keeping us running)

all the best


that`s what all users got from EUnet.yu provider. what a relief, i will
not be out of account!
Dear customer,

As a result of recent NATO attacks on Yugoslavia, EUnet Yugoslavia is
unable to provide its customers with payment services and customer

Understanding the importance of Internet, we will support our users as
much as possible. Therefore, we have increased the credit each user has
with us from 30 minutes to 5 hours of Internet time. As the situation
develops, we will try to find other ways to provide you with Internet
services. You will receive announcements from us vie email or our Web
site at http://www.eunet.yu.

As always, you can check your current status at
http://www.eunet.yu/english/time.html . Please notice that our mail
and news services work in the lite regime, where the time passes
three times slower.

All segments of our Internet network are functioning. Our technical
crew is on alert, ready to face the problems should they arise.

We hope that we will return to normal operation soon.