scca on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 11:51:37 +0100

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Syndicate: a message from Sarajevo

Dear all,

I have been reading all the reports and discussions on the syndicate list
very curiously. I can tell you that it is very interesting from my point of
view as a person who experienced four years of constantly being bombed. 

I think that especially people from Belgrade are making to much noise and
drama about their situation and NATO strikes. They ARE NOT BOMBED!
(military targets are) They are dealing now only with the aspects of fear
and propaganda - but there are no bombs on Belgrade, on civilians, there
are no snipers, there are no lacks of electricity, water, gas, food, etc.
They can make telephone calls, they can send e-mails... That is not a state
of war. I don't like anyone being attacked and bombed, especially bearing
in mind the fact that I've gone through a real war for four years. I can
only tell to the friends in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pristina and elsewhere in
Serbia not to panic and to think about Milosevic as the source of all the
evil which has been happening in Balkans for the past ten years. Please
don't be fooled with the propaganda that you are the victims, and the whole
world has gone mad and attacks a little peaceful, sovereign country with no
reason. This is just a climax of all the anger of the world towards the
decade-long Milosevic's policy of genocide and war. 
I wish all the luck to all of my friends in Yugoslavia in days to come.

Best regards,

Enes Zlatar