ike stubbs on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:54:27 +0000

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Re: Syndicate: whats new(s)

like many ive spent 2 days glued to my computer and telly
i am increasingly conscious of what might be termed macro news - and i find
myself goggling at it
feeling ineffectual and supportive from my home
lets not decieve ourselves
yes we can mediate to a wider audience our friends and colleauges direct
whether it reportage in the west or the frightening and surreal experience
of being in a bunker or a blacked out city
whats new
maybe we can effect change politically through this new knoweldge - we can
give support to a point
hopefully some of the more influential politiicans in the past are
listening in or being relayed the exchange
as future war makers / peace makers - does the detailed process of one to
one conversation and surveillance in real time make war to uncomfortable to
do  ?
it should - except it seems there always greedy nasty people who want break
trust and spoil fun
i cant stop thinking about the classic scene in all quiet on the wetern
from where one soldier shares a fag or food or something  another soldier a
flower over the  at the front - the physical proximity and and  first
'closeness' of the respective 'enemies' is enlightened
is this the internet version - what of the soldiers ?
how do we get this exchange to them ?
this is an issue of class and economic interests - once again the people
suffer for the whims and lusts of their leaders
at one end the rhetoric of 'surgically accurate strikes' and live picture
feed of bombs landing on 'military targets' and this an intense exhange of
friends on both the aggressors and recievers ends of military action here
and other news lists and telephone conversations - both forms of enhanced
seeing boht very different
i do not feel part of my nation state - but this means little -  a war is
going on and once again we are powerless other than to watch and listen -
mediate a set of truths further and wider
the key ought to be hope for future situations of conflict where decision
makers are closer to one another - however we know from experience in
bosnia and ireland people as close as family can turn on each other

thinking of my friends - adding to the chatter - whilst the telephone lines
are in tact
will gsm phones work or will parts of commercial networks get closed down ?
how secure is this as a communications network ?
anyone out there feel more optimistic about the future and how to change it ?
we share differnt opinions but there must be some common points we cna
mediate immediately to our mps/meps etc.
andreas has mentioned similar