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Re: Syndicate: a message from Sarajevo

At 15:59 26/03/99 +0100, Slobodan Markovic wrote:
>>Please don't be fooled with the propaganda that you are the victims,
>>and the whole world has gone mad and attacks a little peaceful, 
>>sovereign country with no reason.
>    With all respect to your suffering in Sarajevo during the war, 
>    I have to notice that some of your statements are complete nonsense!
>    Yugoslavia IS little, peaceful and sovereign country (or to be
>    precise - it was until now). Yugoslavia did not make an aggression
>    on any other country, but WAS attacked by NATO (and that is clear 
>    violation of UN charter).
Let me remind you Slobodan Markovic on how peaceful Yugoslavia has been: I
don't know if you were born before or after 1991, when the first aggression
by "the little peaceful country" started. It has lasted until today, when
you are screaming and panicing, while "peaceful police and army" of
Yugoslavia are killing and detaining inocent people in Kosovo. That is the
place where the lives are at stake - not Belgrade.
>    My father is mobilized in army (AA defense) yesterday and why the 
>    hell I need to be nervous and worried? Because USA government cannot 
>    agree with Milosevic (for whom, like many Serbs, I didn't vote on 
>    any elections) and change his political opinion (which I still 
>    don't support) about Kosovo (which is still Serbian province and
>    within Yugoslav borders).
Well, as I told you NATO did not mobilize your father, but Slobodan
Milosevic did.
>    The logic (personification) you are using is TOTALLY wrong:
>    Serbs = Serbia = Yugoslavia = Slobodan Milosevic = criminal(s)
No, you are wrong - my formula is:
Slobodan Milosevic>{(Yugoslavia=Serbia)=(Kosovo=myths=past)>(present))}>
human lives
>    This is the same logic NATO and USA are using. That is what I call
>    propaganda. Go on and read some CNN news reports on
Yes, the whole world is crazy, and you are the only ones who are not
affected by the global madness.
>    They mention "Serbian targets", but bombs fall on Montenegro.
Try and listen what the Montenegro President says.

>    They are talking about "punishing Slobodan Milosevic", but his
>    residence is not (even close) target of attack.
>    They say "police actions on Kosovo must be stopped", but targets
>    on Kosovo are only 1/16 of all targets.

>    Rocketing water supplies in Belgrade yesterday or dropping bombs
>    on Montenegrian symbol of national identity - city of Cetinje,
>    will stop "Milosevic and his forces", right?
It is obvious that you believe the Milosevic's propaganda too much.
>>This is just a climax of all the anger of the world towards the 
>>decade-long Milosevic's policy of genocide and war.
>    Well, CNN didn't said anything about this... :-)
Didn't indeed.
>    BTW, do you *really* think this is the right way to solve any
>    conflict or punish anyone? Making peace by starting a war?
Of course not. But what to do if someone has been killing innocent people
for ten years. You should go on and keep on asking him "please don't do
that anymore" until he finally kills us all? 
>    I really doubt. It can only make Milosevic stronger, things on
>    Kosovo worse and people in Yugoslav cities extremely anti-NATO
>    and anti-USA oriented (which is not the mainstream right now).
That could be the case if you don't wake up.

>    Greetings,
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