shile on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 18:26:52 +0100 (CET)

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Syndicate: marketing agency in BGD

as we where commenting promoting of new Zastava 
(YU car manufacturer from Kragujevac)model
on today's opening of International Automobile 
Fair in Belgrade this e-mail arrived!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Milica Madzgaljevic <ogilvybg@EUnet.yu>
Subject: Veoma vazno saopstenje - Molimo prosledite dalje
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 18:11:39 +0100

> To whom it may concerne:

> Dear Sirs,

> We are a Yugoslav office of the International Advertising Agency Ogilvy
> & Mather Worldwide and we hereby represent our client, Zastava Group, a
> Yugoslav car industry. 

> Originally, today was supposed to be the opening day of the
> International Automobile Fair in Belgrade, however
> due to the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, the Fair was opened only
> symbolically. The workers of Zastava, instead of being on the Fair, have
> decided to stay at the plant in Kragujevac, which is supposed to be one
> of the next NATO targets. 

> There are 38 000 workers who all belive that they have to defend the
> plant becuse a person should not be deprived of work. At the moment like
> this, when the unjustice is being done, just saving one's life is not
> enough. Therefore, they stand as one and will be on their working places
> during the next 24 hours along with their president Mr. Milan Beko and
> other executives of the Zastava Group.

> We commend their braveness and the only marketing we can offer them at
> this moment is to sent a message that there are 38 ooo workers who might
> be the next NATO target. For once the history should not repeat itself
> since there already is a monument in Kragujevac dedicated to thousands
> of victims from World War II. 

> We are sending an official statement for the empoyees and management of
> Zastava Group. 

> Please be their messangers and tell the world their story.

> Regards,
> O&M Belgrade

> If you need any further information please contact O&M Belgrade:

> our PR manager Mr. Srdjan Djuric 99381 11 3246 006 (office)
> 		              99381 63 206 316 (mobile)
> 			      99381 11 3970 223 (home)
> or Miss Milica Madzgaljevic Deputy Managing Director 
> 			     (same office number)
> 			     99381 63 240 498 (mobile)


> On 24 March 1999, an agression was launched against a sovereign European
> country and its people, who have never, throughout their long history,
> pursued a conquering and aggressors policy, and who have suffered
> enormous victims in this century, in both wars, to defend peace in the
> world.

> Herewith, we are addressing you as the representatives of this
> freedom-loving people, wishing only to live normally and freely just the
> same as the people in your countries.

> We are the citizens of Kragujevac, a city that has most dearly paid its
> freedom in the last war - in the blood of its children, all beastly
> executed in a single day, and of its workers and citizens.

> We are the employees of the Zastava factory, which for over 150 years
> has been the home of its employees and which today directly provides for
> the living of its 38000 employees, 60000 employed in the ancillary
> industries, and for the living of all their families. We have all, each
> in keeping with his individual expertise and ability, built in the
> future of this factory all our creative abilities and with honest work
> have created the positive preconditions to make our living on the work
> in the future as well.

> But, due to an irrational act of a handful of men from the Western
> countries, first through the imposing of sanctions, and now by an insane
> military operation against a sovereign country, the very existence of us
> and our families is brought into the question.

> We want to protect what has remained of our future, and therefore we,
> the workers of this factory and our management have taken the decision
> not even at the alarm sound to leave our factory workshops and go to
> shelters, but to remain in the production plants of our factories. This
> live wall made of the employees, their families and citizens of
> Kragujevac shall be protecting the factory arround the clock, seven days
> a week, as long as the war operations against our country go on.

> On many occasions in our history, we were, unfortunately forced to guard
> and defend what is ours - alone, with our own forces. Therefore, also
> this decision that we have taken is, as a matter of fact, the only thing
> we can do. This is our debt to all those who have built in their lives
> into our future.

> Dear Sirs, 

> in this way we wish to inform your public that an attack on our
> factories covering the area of 305 hectares, located in lattitude 44 N
> and in longitude 20.55 E, and employing 38000 men shall mean a direct
> death to several thousand men who will all the time be present in the
> factories while the war operations against our country go on, and an
> enormous loss to their families.

> We appeal to the conscience of your workers, intellectuals and all other
> citizens to prevent an awful catastrophe that may come up due to this
> insane act.

> We know that in all the countries there are honest people who respect
> what is human in other men and precisely, in this way, we wish to
> address them, and urge them to raise thir voice of reason in our
> protection.

> Yugoslavia,
> Kragujevac, 26 March 1999