NoAltGirls on Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:43:27 EST

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Re: Syndicate: Radio Deep Europe - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

Dear Lisa, Rachel, Manu and all syndicalists,

Like the rest of the people on this list, I've been glued to my computer,
worried, feeling helpless and scared to think how far this might go.

Syndicate has provided the much needed support and has made such a difference.

I support your idea of doing a netcast. How can I help? 

I'm here in London and although I am unsure about exactly what I can offer, I
am ready to do anything that might be needed. (translation etc ???)

Most of my information comes from Syndicate itself and a few friends in 
Belgrade who have access to the internet.

If there's any way for me to help, please, please let me know. 

Lina D. Russell