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Re: Syndicate: another message from Sarajevo

Some news from the French TV tonight :

- the majority of the deputies follow our government and president, however
some of them both from the right and the left say loudly that they are
against the bombing and that it just reinforces Milosevic

- they talked about B92 at the news tonight and gave the URL, this is big
for French TV

- from what I hear, people here don't know how to react, on the one hand
they think that the NATO bombing is not the solution, on the other hand they
think we should get rid of Milosevic in a way or another.

The posts on this list are not going to stop the war or change anything in
the general situation but for me from my cosy and safe home in Paris it is
important to read the posts, even if they just say "we love you" because
what this list shows is just that we try to stay *human* even if we may have
different points of view, *human* meaning just respectful of the others. For
me that's huge.

Best to all
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