scca on Fri, 26 Mar 99 19:47:41 +0100

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Syndicate: another message from Sarajevo

Dear friends from Yugoslavia (Dejan, Milica, Branka, all the others),

please WAKE UP! If you are happy with the e-mails of support and 
solidarity for you it is very easy to do that. Sitting in "Safe European 
Home", especially from G. B., Germany, or France and writing that "we are 
going through this with you" is at least hypocricy. Or to start some vain 
initiatives which would give you some hollow hopes of not being 
All this just helps your Eutanasia believe me. Better wake up and start 
thinking with cool heads. At least, let's discuss this honestly, all of 
us. Let's not just keep on sending senseless messages of solidarity and 
friendship. I also want to stay friends with you, but not in a way that I 
sit home eat pop corn, watch a film, take a look at news from time to 
time and say "love you my friends in Serbia, it's awful what is happening 
to you", or "let's help them, poor things". I've had enough of that on my 
own skin, so please just try and wake up and, as I said, the sun will 
shine again.

Best regards,