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Re: Syndicate: Radio Deep Europe - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

Dear Adele, Dear All,

I agree absolutely that this information gathering is only one stage. If we
do not at least try to use the information to effect some real action on the
ground then we are indeed indulging ourselves a little too much.  Of course
there is much that needs help beyond b92.

But I think we are all feeling powerless right now and not sure how to be

Whatever we achieve with the radio this evening can only be a first step
toward compiling and focusing  our information so that we can decide what to

I think it would be very good to gather such news of real need and
suggestions of how to act, on whom we can exhert some pressure. We can
discuss these "live" and on the list. If this seems to work in some way then
we can make futher broadcasts for which we can raise greater mainstream media
and political awareness,  or issue news releases.  It seems to me that  "we"
are actually a bunch of people with a great many differences.  Recent
exchanges on the list have illustrated that.   But  we are here because we
share some value for human qualities and independent thinking. If we can
define a few common objectives that will be great and i think we will all be
able to be more confident in what we do.

Mailing lists are difficult places to reach consensus, especially quickly.  I
think we need concrete suggestions from people.  Then people need to express
stong agreement if they have it.

Meanwhile; i hope the personal reports also keep coming.  I think they really
do something, even if it is hard to know exactly what yet in the bigger

Best wishes to all Syndicalists,

Radio Deep Europe streaming tonight:
5pm UK time,  6pm CET

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Adele Eisenstein wrote:

> Dear Lisa, Syndicalists, and all,
> It is true that there is a great need for accurate information (I have
> just heard that even B92 is broadcasting information from YU state TV in
> absence of anything else!), that is obvious.
> On the other hand, it seems that a much more desperate need is emerging
> very quickly - a much more basic and practical need - and that is getting
> food and medical aid to Kosova.
> Why don't we really set an aim for ourselves of changing this fucked-up
> world? at least for a few (or a few thousand) individuals...
> I don't know right now how serious the food situation is in Beograd or
> Novi Sad, let alone the villages of Serbia (though I have been trying to
> telephone, and it seems the lines are still functioning).
> What I do know is this:
> A friend of mine is in Budapest for a week since leaving Kosova (she is a
> foreigner who has been working with humanitarian groups for several years,
> in Croatia, in Macedonia, the past few years in Kosova, and she was
> finally forced to leave), and she has still been able to keep in daily
> contact with her friends in Pristina by telephone. (they think it might be
> finally cut off today in the center of the city)
> It really sounds that the situation is completely desperate - yet they
> refuse to leave -
> She knows that maybe only some local people from the Red Cross stayed
> behind, and she doesn't know if any arrangements were made at all by the
> other humanitarian aid organisations before they left -
> It sounds like food is running out quickly -
> We are trying to find out if any sorts of arrangements at all have been
> made by HUMANITARIAN AID organisations -
> Any plans for airlifts?
> (NATO could really help to coordinate this if they are serious about
> "peacekeeping" - not to mention, where is the UN now?)
> Aside from the need for accurate information, I think what is even more
> desperately needed by now is to get food and medical supplies to the
> people who are still there, who do not want to be refugees from their own
> homes...
> (At the same time, I have heard from several of my friends in Beograd who
> do not want to go down to the "bomb shelters" or cellars...)
> I think we had better use this information network quickly to coordinate
> some kind of practical action, if the mechanism is not already in place -
> Let us not wait (I mean the imbecilic "international community") until it
> is already too late, and until the people don't have to worry only about
> being killed by bombs or mad killers in uniforms, but also dying of
> starvation...
> Can we somehow put a call out on RADIO DEEP EUROPE (among other places)
> for assistance and contributions?
> The Russians are still sending volunteer soldiers on Aeroflot flights to
> Beograd to "help their Serbian friends/brothers" to fight - who will send
> volunteers to distrbute much-needed aid to Kosova?
> very sincerely,
> Adele
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