Annick Bureaud on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 15:20:36 +0100

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Re: Syndicate: serbs against peace

I don't understand your post. I mean really. You are against or for what

Here in France one of the justification is that if we had had something
like NATO against Hitler then less people would have died. But ...
Milosevic has been in power for a long time. He already killed thousands
of people during about 10 years. And he is still there, what have we
been doing against him ? Have we killed him ? Like for Saddam Hussein in
Irak, it is the people of Irak, like the Serbs  and the people of Kosovo
of both sides who suffer. And then what, Milosevic still in power like
Saddam ? If we want to get rid of dictators it is not the way and this
could have been done earlier. Why do we pay taxes to support secret
services in this case if we do not use *subversive war* of some kind. We
all know in this list that things are more complex than they look.

Today at the French radio they said that NATO had bombed and destroyed
important serbian military facilities and headquarters. Fine but what
next ? Like in Irak, the military power of Serbia will be down and then,
will it give the country democraty, will it give the people of Kosovo
some peace ?

I don't know what to think anymore. I wish the Western governements know
what they are doing. I wish to be on another planet. It is spring time
in Paris. We have a sunny, blue sky today which echoes Belgrad's.
Tonight I have diner with friends at my place. This feels totally
surrealistic. I have this strange feelings that my friends are there in
Yugoslavia and Kosovo and guys, I even never met you.

Take care


Dariusz Nowak-Nova wrote:

> hello proserbs,
> are you all brainless?
> do you realy want to solidarized with dictators?
> lenin, stalin, hitler, pol-pot, jaruzelski, saddam husajn,
> milosevic.......who want be next?
> maybe you?
> enen

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