iliyana nedkova on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 00:04:36 +0000

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Syndicate: SOS or Sound Of Silence [in sofia]

dear co-listers,

this is yet another SOS note bombarding the cyberspace of our lists.
hopefully our notes will eventually hit some decisionmakers' minds and
prevent them from drawing the thin red line in neighbouring yugoslavia. the
silence in sofia is ever more deafening and people are having nightmares of
bombs exploding nearby & 6 year old sofia kids are intimidated that if they
misbehave the next NATO bomb will strike their kindergarden. how far one
can go in a post-cold war rhetorics?

locally, mainstream media tend to be split between pro & con NATO's strikes
for apparently national security is at stake. what is even more pathetic
the pro-communist opposition is waging a verbal war in the parliament for
few days now against the government and the rest of the MPs for their
neutral position of non-involvement yet having NATO in the background as
guarantee. thus the opposition leader mr. parvanov is in danger of being
jailed for spreading anti-YU policy in his country.

why has remapping of territories/markets/nations on the balkans been so
fond of  this medieval type of heroism for the last 150 years? is it sort
of doom because bal-kan in turkish means blood-honey?

with all my honey thoughts to branka, alexander, nikola, larisa, mirjana,
dejan, sarita, apsolutno and all friends beyond these dark balkan hills i
see through my sofia window,

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