Slobodan Markovic on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 01:16:19 +0100

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Syndicate: Situation critical

    Just back from atomic shelter under my house to pick up 
    more blankets and pillows...

    There was HEAVY air-raid on Belgrade this night. Warning
    sirens turned on after series of heavy detonations... It
    was too late... 

    Whole building in which I live was shaking like it was an
    earthquake and windows screeched. I jumped out from bed 
    and run to window. I was almost blinded with great 
    orange-red ball of fire, some 5-6 km to the east of my 
    house. Two more explosions followed, probably cruise

    It was bloody near!

    I woke up my brother and we run to the atomic shelter.
    On the radio I heard that chemical plant was hit and
    something leaked... My friend, who just dialed me, told
    me that almost whole city felt some chlorine-like smell.

    They are talking on TV right now that air-warning is not
    over yet, that we should expect one more (aircraft) raid
    very soon and to immediately go to shelters...

    So... later,