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Syndicate: "i have no more words, i am desperate"

dearest friends,

writing from the supremely isolated position of adelaide, australia, i am
overwhelmed, as most of us, are with a sense of utter helplesses.

the writings on syndicate, and the helpb92 list, have at least been a
slight relief from the ridiculously one-sided media reporting within
meanstream media channels.  i continue to try and lobby the national media
to recognise alternative information sources such as the "help B92"
initiative centred in amsterdam, but the media juggernaut is all to willing
to accept politically driven propaganda about NATO agression.

thus, i can not begin to express my gratitude for the words of all of you
still in  yugoslavia, for having the patience and courage to continue to
update us on syndicate of your personal situations.  this is inspiring to
say the least.

on the matter of the meeting planned for belgrade on 21 - 25 april, though
i do have a yugoslav visa already, i am assuming that it would presently be
absurd and arrogant to consider entering the region.

andreas wrote:

> should the trip
>to yugoslavia be impossible, we should try and meet maybe in budapest
>during the planned days, 21-25 april, because this might be the closest
>safe place that is easy to reach for a lot of people. this meeting we could
>also use to try and give a public sign of the bonds of friendship that
>cross the real and virtual frontlines in europe. several people in budapest
>have already offered general support. - we should discuss this further in
>the coming days.

early on in the discussions of the meeting, we had talked about travelling
down via train to belgrade from budapest.  in many ways, in light of the
proximity of budapest to the crisis in yugoslavia, and the offer of C3 to
help accommodate our presence, this would seem like a good option.

i would also like to suggest that we turn this into a working meeting, and
accept advice from persons continuing to work in yugoslavia, such as the
staff of B92, about ways that we can consolidate our support.

as all of you will know, the Help B92 initiative is working from the former
Next 5 Minutes offices in amsterdam to try and coordinate a campaign to
assist both (what's left of) the free media in yugoslavia, and to lobby
media, government and relevant parties on issues such as visas for people
needing to out of yugoslavia, and the inevitable refugee exodus.

perhaps a meeting in budapest in april could contribute to some of these
efforts in some way?

my warm wishes and love to everyone


r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


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