pticica on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 11:32:32 +0100

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Syndicate: shelter discussion/thinking about friendship

sunny morning, quiet, as nothing has happend
yesterday evening we heard AA , somewhere cross the danube
we heard bombing as well
small shelter which we used is too overcrowded, we have to go to bigger,
which is just nearer the bridge. it is in the building some people saw
in video  about recognising/ coincidence?!
constant rummors/fear/expectations about future bombings of roads,
railways, bridges
more bombs on belgrade suburbs
some schools and student campus have been shooted
chemical or medical industry attacked near belgrade
calls from relatives who are living in republika srpska and abroad
third *war* for my relatives who now live near batajnica. they have
*veteran* experience from zadar (adriatic coast) and  banja luka
(repablik of srpska); now belgrade suburb... too close to military
flour is not avaliable, except for 50 kg packadge-should i byu that
i am thinking about pics from athens and skopje. scary indeed
folowing the news day and night
saturday, i should be with a kids at workshop, but there are no more
workshops. fortunately,  kids are with their families. wonder about
refugee kids i worked with-they already feel consequences which they
brought from their ex-homes/how this situation will influnce their
lifes/ what nightmares it will bring back
remebering stories and faces
amrket is almost deserted
i remember when NATO bombed pig farm (by accident, naturaly) in
slavonija; i do not see any healthy reason, but i am laughing
(nervously, i have to admit)
vera tollman called from vienna-what a happiness hearing her voice. she
made nice pics in manchester; i remember her face; and many faces i saw
in amsterdam, just two weeks ago
flower market visited with inke - colours
lisa is with me, almost day an night
-a is pretending invisible/but i see you
friends and unknown people/all with me in cyberspace/what a
feeling/impossible to describe
there are some jokes, results of luka`s  mistake-instead of NATO pact we
call it now NATO duck (patka or pact, what a difference for 3 years old)

there are jokes and laughing among friends in novi sad/we are still
keeping mailing all the time/ i call it *exchange the fear/convert it to
laugh* mini mailing list or cyb-club
still sunny, birds are singing near the window, but it is too quiet