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two informations 
about the public opinion in slovenia

- slovenia was a part of yugoslavia until 1991.
- the government granted nato's request (order?!) to use slovenian air 
space for nato airplanes flying to yugoslavia (we can hear them every 

2nd larger newspaper in slovenia
march 27

question: Do you support nato air strikes in Yugoslavia?
yes: 54%
no: 30%
don't know: 13%
didn't hear about it: 3% (?)

"Res Slovenica"
largest slovenian online news magazine
march 25

question: Do you agree with nato air strikes in Yugoslavia?
yes: 53,59%
no: 42,48% 
don't know: 3,92%

igor stromajer

p.s.: radio MARS (student radio in Maribor) is supporting <help>b92 online