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We The student working at Ektos newspaper at the University of Cyprus Back
up 100%.
Today we will demonstrate outside the US embassy for your rights. Keep fight
the good.

Uros wrote:

> We would like to in advance apologize you if this message of peace
> you. This is the message of Serbian youth who are afraid for lives of
> innocent women and children and all Serbian citizens who are threatened by
> bombs and missiles.
> Students of Serbia appeal on all governments and administrations of the
> world as well as on the all people of good will to influence their
> governments in order to cease unjustifiable attacks on our country and our
> people.
> We appeal to the whole world to substituted infeasent bombing threats with
> true desire for love and peace between all nationalities on Kosovo and
> Metohija (Serbs, Albanians, Gypsies, Turks, Gorans and Egyptians).
> We appeal to Your common sense, knowing that NATO bombing will cause
> destruction as well as human catastrophe in Kosovo and Metohija and rest
> Serbia, indicating the possibility for war to spread all over the region
> Europe. Do we really need a new world war?
> The Youth of Serbia wants peace and mutual life with Europe and the rest
> the world, based on the principles of equality and mutual respect. We will
> not accept any neo-colonial demands of NATO and some militant politicians
> who have never succeeded to solve any problem whatsoever.
> The attitude of Yugoslavian and Serbian leadership and Serbian negotiation
> team in Paris is not the attitude of politicians, but people of Serbia and
> Yugoslavia. Serbia can loose Kosovo and Metohija only by means of war and
> that case it will be mutual responsibility of all Serbs no meter where
> live for one day to re-unite Kosovo and Metohija with Serbia. Not wanting
> for history to repeat itself we ask you to condemn Albanian terrorists on
> Kosovo and Metohija and to allow Serbia to deal with terrorism the same
> as British government is having with North Ireland, France in Corsica,
> in Basque or USA in Texas.
> Should NATO attack our country all citizens of Serbia will defend our
> homeland regardless of conseques of destruction and our sacrifices,
> "The entitled to life and freedom is only the one who fights for it's
> becoming" (Goethe).
> We will consider NATO and it soldier as aggressors, should they decide to
> step upon Serbian soil and we will defend our homeland regardless of their
> military power.
> We ask you in advance to help as in a way of supporting peace and
> terrorism for us to have our future and for your sons who are soldiers in
> NATO divisions not to be killed innocent and most of all for peace to roll
> worldwide.

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