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Syndicate: report from Athens

from Greek radio and TV:

after the begining of the US-nato air-attacks, the Serbian army supercharged
their attacks against autonomistes of KLA
autonomistes of KLA under the coverage of the US-nato air attacks,
supercharged their attacks against serbian fields.

denounciations from Albania that some of their northern villages are bombed
from the Serbian army

two Serbian military aircarfts shooted down by US-nato aircrafts over the
Bosnian territory.
Yesterday nigth was reported as a  Serb - nato dogfligt.
Today Saturday 27/3 Bosnia denunciates that has been striked by Serbian
aircrafts, which shooted down by US-nato aircrafts.
The two Serbian pilots perhaps escaped from their arrest.

In the yesterday US-nato air-strikes, from the north-Italian airport of
Aviano, took-off four Turkish aircrafts. Is not known their exact role in
the air-strike.

Unofficial denunciations from US that KLA autonomists are financed from US