Adele Eisenstein on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 17:34:37 +0100 (MET)

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Re: Syndicate: some list-related stuff

Dear Andreas,

This comes again from A&A (physically from my fingers at the moment) -
Thanks for raising some very good points that we were just discussing here
among ourselves - We have already become aware that we are making
ourselves vulnerable to threats (even if only in the form of e-mail

This is why from the start, what we posted as excerpts of personal
messages we made immediately anonymous (e.g., personal message from
central Beograd).

> something that i am in two minds about is that postings from the list are
> channelled to other lists and also put on websites as 'real info'. i guess
> that, given the semi-public nature of the list, this can hardly be
> prevented, but people who post stuff should bear in mind that there are now
> plenty of strangers listening in on this conversation. if you see this as a
> problem, we should discuss this. my own feeling is that we have a primary
> right to defend a certain degree of intimacy, even if this sounds stupid
> given the online archive etc. we are getting far more exposed than ever
> before, and i am concerned what that can do to the network.

You are absolutely right. From this point on, when we post to the site, we are removing the names, and only leaving the Syndicate:
subject - no matter where the sender is from (we will write only the
city/country they are writing from).

> friends. this is not any old public forum for discussing political matters:
> this is the syndicate mailing list, and we are gearing up for our next
> meeting in belgrade or budapest, and we keep our friends posted about our
> bit of reality. don't take the war here.

We also decided that this meeting, whether it be in Beograd or Budapest or
wherever, is inside information for Syndicate members, so we will not post
any further messages which refer to it.

trying to keep the balance between offense and defense...

(& Andrea)