arko peljhan on Sat, 27 Mar 1999 17:46:04 +0100

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Syndicate: did not go through the first tim

this did not go through in the previous posting.

Some news about independent media in kosovo would be very
welcome, because there is no news about them whatsoever. koha, radio21
and others? anybody in FRY knows anything? any ANEM connection? just for

the information, are this people still alive, working, escaped? anybody
know who is where? after the reports of the total war in kosovo against
civilians  there is a legitimate fear for them i suppose.

also, been watching serb state tv today, the propaganda there is almost
incredible, doctored images, not very superb editing.....the rethoric
could be quite sf for somebody hearing it for the first time or very
normal for those of us, who were born and raised in old yugoslavia
(criminal nato projectiles, criminal nato planes, nato criminals, nato
killers, criminal aggression, reports of many nato aircraft downed) ,
they of course also claim that their defenses are superb and that nato,
yes, hit military targets but also schools, hospitals and residential
areas, together with orthodox monasteries in kosovo itself (gracanica) /

showed pictures of hoolbroke in gracanica during one of his visits and
then a crater in a field which could be anywhere, no background and then

cut to gracanica and to some stones. supposedly bomb damage....not very

as for the legal side, there are reportedly loopholes in the un charter
and resolutions, especially in regards for the situation in the former
yugoslav territories, that make the nato operations significantly more
legal that it appears. i do not know of details about this, but would be

good if someone could check this out. someone with more legal

for a lighter note:
at the NATO briefing in Belgium, the air commodore David Wilby was
wondering how great the mpeg players they have installed on the briefing

computer are and what and advanced thchnology that is. khmmm......makes
one wonder.....
also, a report of a strain tommahawk missile gone into bulgaria was
confirmed, but the missile was supposedly auto-destroyed and debris have

fallen on or nearby a village.....